Moon in Sights | March 27 - April 21 2015

 March 27 2015 

Don't let your mind get away with making you feel guilty for the way you think and the way you feel. Instead, let your heart guide you into your authentic truth.

There are moments we find in life when we feel like we are stuck, or don't know where to go. These are the perfect moments to pause, to reflect, and to ask ourself; What do I really want - deep down? What do I really want to share, or express? What do I really want to achieve? Perhaps it's letting go of the past? Or starting something new? Or perhaps it's sharing something that we haven't been able to express for a very long time? No matter what the problem may be — when the mind is blocked, go where the heart wants to go, and then see where it leads. It may take us to places that we haven't thought of before.

The Moon is back in her home sign of Cancer, and intuition is our most trusted friend. With the Moon's sextile to Venus and the trine to Neptune and Mercury, it's a happy time of family get-togethers and romantic outings where moonlight walks and shooting stars could paint deep memories in our heart. Friendships will bring in a lot of healing, as we could allow ourself to be taken into other worlds through dreams and conversations. 

The Moon is also forming a square to the Sun, Uranus, Mars and an opposition to Pluto, making this a good time to make those changes in our home or work area. Some emotional events may get us involved in awkward situations, but looking at things from a different perspective will certainly help. Set our sights high and hang on, we are riding a strong wave of positive change.

Laugh at the things from yesterday and make this a weekend of positive work, where we have magic at our finger tips.

Moon in Cancer: Sextile Venus in Taurus ● Square the Sun / Uranus / Mars in Aries ● Trine Neptune / Mercury in Pisces ● Oppose Pluto in Capricorn



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 March 29 2015 

Where is your fire? Your fire is where your soul finds its power to keep going and going and going.

We may not always have control over things that are happening outside of us. Things that we wish are not happening to us, but yet they're happening. It may not be so easy in those moments to see the bigger picture, to ponder what lessons we need to learn, or to find hope for a new turnaround. But this is exactly when our power can be reclaimed. The choice to do what we need to do, to think what we want to think, in order for us to grow and move on. It may take us some time, but glimmers of possibility are always there, if we're willing to step away and get back in touch with the core of our emotions, our heart, our light.

The Moon is in Leo and forming a conjunction to Jupiter Rx, helping us to concentrate on all the good and have a broadminded approach to life. The key to success at this time will be our optimism and determination. With the Moon's trine to Saturn Rx and to the Sun, Uranus, and Mars, gather those skills and working brain together - this could be our new beginning. Bravery helps us to make a wise decision that can put us in a stronger and more confident frame of mind. Remember that we are a child of destiny, and the more in an alignment we become with what we do, the greater our spirit will be.

The Moon is also forming a square to Venus, and we may let off a bit of steam — as it may be the only way that can get us to the truth that we've been looking for. Our common sense plays a big role in feeling our way through certain situations, rather than running away from it every time. Being able to laugh at our own silly quirks can also help lift our energy, and allow us to understand better our desires.

As we begin the new week, release any guilt about having fun. Appreciate all that we've done, and let our inner child bloom with joy!

Moon in Leo: Conjunct Jupiter Rx ● Trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and the Sun / Uranus / Mars in Aries ● Square Venus in Taurus



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 April 1 2015 

The more time you have, the more time you have to think positive. The less time you have, the less time you have to think negative.

One of the possible consequences of busyness is having no time for fear. We are so preoccupied with meeting our goals and deadlines, that there is no room left for worries. Some would equate this with being productive, while understandably, others would consider it a problem. But being productive in one area of life, doesn't mean having to neglect the other areas. The same goes with our mind. Focusing on the positives, doesn't mean having to neglect the negatives altogether. It's just that focusing on the positives usually breeds more positive inspirations. While focusing on the negatives, tends to breed more worries. Positive or negative, our mind is always a powerful tool of creativity. By realizing that we have the choice to think what we want to think, to feel what we want to feel, we are already on the way to becoming a more powerful creative force. Someone who can paint a path to walk on — one thought at a time, one feeling at a time, one step at a time.

The Moon is in Virgo and forming a trine to Mars and Venus as well as Pluto, guiding us to think of things that can motivate us. This is the right time to steer that ship our way. Good influences make us want to take action and overcome any obstacle along our path with open heart. We are able to read between the lines and our curiosity should lead to some enlightenment.

With the Moon's square to Saturn Rx and opposition to Neptune, we may have been feeling a little separated because of long hours of work and we don't like the risk of being seen as someone with no heart or consideration for others. We'll need to rethink certain situations. Do not waste time on the hows. Instead, keep planting the seed of positive change and let our generous and warm spirit shine.

The Moon is also forming a quincunx to Mercury, the Sun and Uranus, and we need to escape the confines of our mind. Allow a different conversation to take place with another where we can bring new ideas and solutions to the table. It's just what our mind needs for stimulation at this time - we can be amazed by what we can come up with. The response we feel to someone else's way of thinking maybe like the missing piece to a puzzle.

With a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra approaching in a couple of days, let our sixth sense be our guide.

Moon in Virgo: Trine Mars / Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn ● Square Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Oppose Neptune in Pisces ● Quincunx Mercury / the Sun / Uranus in Aries

100 Moon Inspirations

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April 6, 2015

Finally reached my 100th poster / writing post! Not that I was planning to end it at 100, but I thought that if I could make it to at least 100, then I'll know that with strong enough will and commitment, anything can be possible! Looking back, I didn't know how all this will unfold. Although I guess that's what usually happens anyway when we decide to follow an inspiration. All I knew was that I wanted to express my inspirations in a way that is more than writing. So I figured making a poster for each post would help convey even more of what I wanted to express. ✒✒ Turned out, the process hasn't always been easy. There were moments when I couldn't find inspiration. In those moments I try to step back and look for inspirations in new and different places. And the rewarding feeling that comes from knowing that I've tried my best to express myself as well as share some of my inspirations along the way is priceless. I guess it's really true... expressing ourselves through writing can open our mind more to things that we couldn't see before when they were just thoughts in our head. ✒✒ In the end, putting all the posters together was a fascinating process for me, and a little emotional too, because they are filled with different memories. Seeing the pictures, the words, the funny thoughts, and some of the more serious ones. Knowing that they were all part of how I think and feel, and knowing that I have the Moon as my deadline, I feel grateful. Thank you to those who has always been supportive of my work. I'd also like to apologize if I had said or written something that didn't resonate with you. I really didn't mean to. I just like to share inspirations I get from my heart, mind, and well, the Moon. From here on out, let's keep making the world a better place by sharing our experiences and expressing our soul in more fun, empowering and uplifting ways!

Yaviz Basalamah

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