New Moon in Cancer | Clearing Out Old Emotions

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 June 24th, 2017 

New Moon in Cancer:
By recognizing your own emotions more deeply you open
the door to expressing your feelings more clearly.

How can we recognize our own emotions more deeply? How can we express our emotions without having strong emotional reactions? Can we find the language to express our true feelings, both to ourselves and to others? Perhaps we have been finding it challenging to explain our emotions in words. But no matter how difficult it may be, benefits can only come when these emotions are recognized. 

One of the ways in which we can better understand our emotions is to track back where they all began. Sometimes what we are feeling is not fully related to a situation that we are going through. When we are willing to look deeper into the heart of a situation, we will find a way to understand our emotions better and therefore able to find the right words to express our emotions and feelings.

Sometimes what we are feeling is not fully related to
a situation that we are going through.

Understand that emotions can be powerful and often, it is not so easy to express them without having such strong emotional reactions. The idea is not to control what we are feeling, but to recognize our emotions in a way that can help us find solutions rather than add fuel to the fire. The idea is also not to look for excuses to blame ourselves or others in the process, but more about developing mental understanding of those feelings that tend to lead to arguments.

Are we feeling fearful? Do we want to win, rather than to find a middle ground? Productive conversations begin with the intention to learn. We can start by asking questions like, "Why did that upset me?" or "How am I seeing this situation?" Phrases that come across as an openness to have a genuine dialogue helps us get to the root cause and set ourselves up to find a resolution. From there, we can begin to recognize our own emotions more deeply and open the door to expressing our feelings more clearly.

The idea is not to control what we are feeling, but to
recognize our emotions in a way that can help us
find solutions rather than add fuel to the fire.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer, marking an extra emotional and sentimental New Moon in the sign of the Crab. How connected do we feel to our emotional body? What do our suppressed emotions are trying to tell us? With a New Moon happening in a sign ruled by the Moon, we get a brand new start on our emotional understanding. 

Understanding our emotions helps us relate to ourselves and others. Understanding our emotions helps us adapt to the challenges of our daily lives. When we feel good, we can tackle even the most burdensome of tasks with ease, but when we feel bad, we see even the easiest of tasks as burdensome. The same also affects our relationships with others. When we feel bad, even the slightest annoyance will seem intolerable, but when we feel good, we tend to see the humor in everything. 

Understanding our emotions helps us adapt
to the challenges of our daily lives.

At the end of the day, emotional intelligence is not about how rarely we let ourselves feel negative emotions. It is more about having the understanding that in the end, feelings are just feelings, and they can be affected by how we think. Negative thoughts produce negative feelings, and positive thoughts produce positive feelings.

Emotional intelligence is also not about how well we are at controlling our emotions, but more about having the awareness that each person has their own style of expressing emotions and feelings. With Mercury and Mars in the sign of Cancer, our focus needs to be on the actions that follow feelings rather than trying to bury those feelings before they even rise to the surface.

With Mercury and Mars in the sign of Cancer, our focus
needs to be on the actions that follow feelings
rather than trying to bury those feelings
before they even rise to the surface.

With the Moon forming a square to Jupiter and Uranus, stay open and curious. Our ability to move forward relies on our willingness to learn new things, yet stay firmly grounded in who we truly are. Letting go of rigidity is what's being asked of us now to open the door to new inner growth. Loosen up, open our minds and see if a more flexible approach feels better. Remind ourselves that this is not only about us, but more about finding a way to bring about a result that is mutually beneficial.

The Moon is also forming a trine to Neptune Rx and a sextile to Venus, and the answer that we're looking for is love. Remember that we are all in these challenges together and it's a matter of dealing with differences in healthy ways. Honest discussions, openheartedness and soulful thinking can help us direct our energy into finding solutions and taking positive action. Opening our hearts is like opening a window to the soul to bring in healing light and let love in.

Honest discussions, openheartedness and soulful thinking
can help us direct our energy into finding solutions
and taking positive action.

With the Moon's opposition to Pluto Rx, this is not a time for debate about which truth is truer. This is a time when we are called to be willing to be transparent in our communication with ourselves and others. Peeling off the layers that kept us tied to an illusion will release the heavy burdens that deceit and denial impose on us and set ourselves free. Settling for nothing less than the truth is required as we make our journey forward on a new path.

A Cancer New Moon is a time to clear out old emotions and start anew. It's a time to be honest with ourselves and wake up to our highest potential. But to get into that flow, we need to readdress our spiritual roots and beliefs about our own ability to prosper and grow. This is not the time for resisting and swimming against the tide. This is our time to allow faith to guide us forward as we ride the wave of opportunity and flow like a river into the sea of life.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Cancer: Conjunct the Sun, Mercury and Mars ● Square Jupiter
in Libra and Uranus in Aries ● Trine Neptune Rx in Pisces ● Sextile
Venus in Taurus ● Oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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Full Moon in Sagittarius | Restoring Your Joy (Mini Post)

Photo by Brooke Cagle

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 June 9th, 2017 

Full Moon in Sagittarius:
Joy resides in your openness to constantly evolve
and explore new possibilities.

Where is our joy?

When did we stop taking joy in the simple things in life? 

How can we remain joyful in a world which seems to be filled with darkness and fear?

Finding joy requires our awareness. Shifting our focus away from what we can't control to what we can do is that first necessary step to restore the joy within. Understanding that focusing on what we can do is not about being controlling, but more about being open to new opportunities through action.

When we are focusing on what we can do, instead of what we can't, we give ourselves the opportunity to choose love over fear. When we are opening ourselves up to new opportunities, we give ourselves the chance to grow beyond our old limitations.

Joy doesn't cost us anything. Joy begins with our willingness to live in gratitude, along with our openness to keep evolving and to keep on exploring new possibilities.

By seeing joy not only as a concept, but as a way of life, we can begin incorporating more en(joy)ment into our daily lives. By seeing joy as a means to explore new possibilities, we can expand our horizons and move forward, not with fear in our hearts, but with tenacity and courage in our souls.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Sagittarius:  Oppose Mercury and the Sun in Gemini ●
Sextile Jupiter Rx in Libra ● Square Neptune in Pisces ●
Conjunct Saturn Rx ● Trine Uranus in Aries


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