Moon in Sights | February 27 - March 24 2015

Patience is a bridge that brings us to the beauty of life.
-Mario Teguh (Uranus in Cancer)

There are times in life when it's easy to have patience, and times when it's not so easy.

What then, can we do in times when impatience might be taking over?

That will be a good time to interact with our ego, and to ask ourself: Am I trying to please the ego? Or am I just trying to control or rush things? Am I trying to fight for peace? Or am I just trying to hurt another?

Whatever the case may be, be more gentle with our ego in those moments, and see how it transforms our emotions.

Find your own sanctuary this weekend — in spite of possible obligations and responsibilities, and things will go swimmingly.

Note to self: A calm ego is the root of peace.

Moon in Cancer: Square Mars / Venus / Uranus in Aries ● Trine Neptune / the Sun / Chiron in Pisces ● Oppose Pluto in Capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Go at your own pace. Only you hold the key to your own script.

People may have different feelings about you, different thoughts about you, or different ideas about you. But only you've walked in your own shoes. Only you know what your heart has been through. And only you know the true story of your life. Trust it. Own it. And keep going at your own pace - with the knowledge you have, and the wisdom you've acquired along the way. Slowly but surely, the rest will catch up to your light.

Jupiter in Leo has been expanding our personal vision for our life. Inspiring us to have bigger trust in our own path. To take bigger steps in tackling our problems head on. And to keep going confidently in the direction of our dreams. 

This is the time to be quick on our feet and quick with our thinking. So take this opportunity to analyze our future plans. We might find something that could be improved. Place more light on any shadows that cause a mystery in our life. And do whatever it takes to keep exploring, and to keep the faith strong.

We are more open to what life is all about, and the following weeks should hold in a barrel full of surprises. The love in the air also sizzles with energy. Love can be surprising, love can be calm or it can be playful and adventurous. We have the chance soon to choose which we would prefer. 

As we pursue our dreams with vigor, the more masterful we become and the more our confidence shows in all that we do. We want to enrich our life with knowledge and enjoyment. Keep going. There is no other way now but forward.

Note to self: What I am, has nothing to do with what other people think of me. I know my heart and mind will lead me to the highest vision I have for myself as I move forward with confidence, conviction, and trust.

Moon in Leo: Conjunct Jupiter ● Trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars / Venus / Uranus in Aries ● Oppose Mercury in Aquarius



★ ★ ★ ★ 

To live is to be slowly born.
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Virgo Rising)

Happy Full Moon! The Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun in Pisces, marking a Full Moon in the sign of the Virgin. This brings a new culmination of all that we have been working toward since the New Moon in Aquarius back on February 17th.

The Full Moon in Virgo is ripe for growth. We can look back and see how much we have grown in the past couple of weeks, and how much we have learnt. Although on a soul level, there is no end to growing and learning. We are forever growing into our truest and most authentic self, and always finding ways to evolve beyond our past limitations. This Full Moon in particular is also ripe with opportunities for healing, guiding us to start seeing where we can be reborn and start anew.

With Venus and Uranus conjoining and trining Jupiter Rx, we could have a lot of new possibilities coming our way — just make sure that we don't talk ourself out of something good. Our playful mood and courage will be strong to create great moments of inspiration with people. We are in our element, so go for that challenge. 

Research will be fun as everything is made easier, thanks to the Moon's trine to Pluto. Intense intuition and understanding of our feelings and those of others give us the ability to lead a conversation in a new direction. We will be stronger - physically and mentally, and can accomplish much by giving it our all. Trust our sixth sense, it will never let us down.

Breathe in new hope. Breathe out unease.

It's time for dreams to be lived!

Full Moon in Virgo: Oppose Neptune / the Sun / Chiron in Pisces ● Square Saturn in Sagittarius ● Trine Pluto in Capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Don't let vanity take over your sanity.

It's one thing to celebrate who we are and all we have done. It's another to worry about appearances and achievements we may have accomplished or haven't - only to forget our truest and most authentic feature, our soul.

Whether we believe in the concept of soul or not, there lies deep in our core our signature, our distinctive nature, our quintessence. This is something that we can bring into the world. Each person has the capacity to offer something that only they have, and only they can. It may be subtle, sometimes, but it is always there. Once we recognize it, that's when we realize our most prized possession, our story - our light.

The Moon on the North Node and Mars on the South Node illuminate our individual spirit as well as our collective dreams. Our role within our relationships, and our role within our society.

Who are we?

Note to self: What I see may not always be what you see. And what you see, may not always be what I see. Herein lies an opportunity to learn the art of compromise. Herein lies my chance to understand me better, and another better.

Moon in Libra: Conjunct the North Node ● Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter Rx in Leo ● Square Pluto in Capricorn ● Trine Mercury in Aquarius ● Oppose the South Node / Mars / Uranus / Venus in Aries



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Today has never happened and it doesn't frighten me.
-Björk (Scorpio Rising / Sun / Moon)

Enlightenment is no utopia. It's
a new state of awareness.
Awareness of self,
of others,
of all living things,
of emotions and blessings.

Blessings that we used to take for granted become more obvious. The little things. The big things. And things previously hidden from our view. As we become more aware, the more we'll be able to see, and the more we discover. Layer by layer, new growth unfolds.

Today is brand new, with a new chance to see. What can we see? What will we do? Look closely, they could be trying to tell us something.

With the final exact square between Uranus / Pluto drawing near, do believe in the true power of rebirth. The power of surrender. And the power of keeping our inner fire burning.

There is more to be discovered as we soon shall see. 

The answer. The healing. The release. 

Moon in Scorpio: Sextile Pluto in Capricorn ● Square Jupiter Rx in Leo and Mercury in Aquarius ● Trine Neptune / Chiron / the Sun in Pisces



★ ★ ★ ★ 

If you don't do it, no one will.

Sometimes, change happens naturally - like a cocoon that transforms into a butterfly. And sometimes change needs deliberate action, like making lifestyle changes when transitioning out of an unhealthy way of life. Either way, change is a part of life. Once we become more open to it, that's when we can move forward into the future with hope, courage and wisdom.

The Moon is joining with Saturn and making a trine to Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, and Venus. Instead of dwelling on things too much, start taking action. Use our imagination in planning our week ahead, and we could end up with something completely different than we had expected. We will love the creativity and pride we put into every single day. A needed change in romance can bring in more fun and a sense of belonging as we stay true to our unique self.

With the square to Neptune, Chiron, and the Sun, take the initiative to be forgiving and we may have the beginning of a better understanding. The universe brings good choices our way so put the maximum effort into our ideals to make them a reality. Take a load off our mind later with an interest that makes us feel relaxed and carefree, like a walk in nature. Allow the tension to seep away and let the good vibes sink in with positive thinking. 

Enjoy the change of pace. This may just be the right vibe we have been waiting for.

Moon in Sagittarius: Conjunct Saturn ● Square Neptune / Chiron / the Sun in Pisces ● Trine Jupiter Rx in Leo and Uranus / Mars / Venus in Aries



★ ★ ★ ★ 

March 14, 2015 {2:02 pm}: I have been on a short much-needed break / business trip in my hometown of Surabaya, and right now I'm at my aunt's holiday home in Batu with my cousins. You can see here a picture of the lovely front yard I took this morning, with the top of Mount Panderman in the background. We always love it here because the air is extra fresh and the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing.

The Moon just moved from Sagittarius and into Capricorn, my natal Moon placement. Some people may wonder, if an astrologer would be biased towards their own natal placements in their writing. The truth is, it's no easier for me to write about my own natal placements. It is pretty much the same, if not harder. Because my writing is not so much about the energetic traits of each sign, it's more about finding inspiration from the overall planetary transits. As well as learning more from my own personal experiences, and finding the fun in sharing. It's not always easy, but it's still a fascinating practice.

I don't have my laptop with me here and I haven't had the chance to create a new poster for my next post. I will enjoy my time with my cousins for now, and get back to writing once the Moon moves into Aquarius. In the mean time, have a nice day and evening ahead!

Moon Prayer: May we always be given the patience, the courage, and the strength to face our days, months, and years ahead. And may we be surrounded with loving light of love, peace, harmony and safety, and only positivity can penetrate this light.



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Be your soul.
Love your soul.
Reach your soul.

The Moon is in Aquarius and forming a sextile to the sign's old ruling planet, Saturn, currently in his retrograde phase in Sagittarius. Retrogrades are all about retracing our steps, seeing the progress we've made along the way, and figuring out what we need to do in the present before moving ahead on our journey. Have we been true to our soul? Have we been able to love ourself more? Have we tried to reach the most authentic goal we have set for ourself? Where can we go bigger? Or where can we go slower, putting our attention more on the smaller details? These are the kind of questions that may come up at this time. Know that as we take small steps every day, we are paving the way for bigger opportunities to enter our life.

With Aquarius' modern ruling planet, Uranus, making its last exact square to Pluto, there is no plan. The planets are urging us to shed our skin, as well as to face our challenges head on. We are tougher than we think, so do not bring ourself down to anyone else's level. The level we are on is made just for us and it is strong and dependable. Stronger feelings will take hold as we believe more in ourself. Keep this in mind as we work on our goals. 

Change the pattern. Do not hesitate. Release any guilt or other negative emotions. Completion and the end of a cycle are at hand.

Moon in Aquarius: Sextile Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Oppose Jupiter Rx in Leo ● Trine the North Node in Libra ● Sextile Uranus / Mars / Venus in Aries



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Heal your heart with love and sunbeams.

The asteroid Chiron has been in Pisces since 2011, and it will remain in the sign until 2019. Popularly known as the 'wounded healer'. It represents our deepest wounds, and our attempts to heal those wounds. It may take a long time for us to heal old pain and insecurities, but every effort along the way brings with it new realization, new awareness and new hope. Chiron in Pisces has been slowly uncovering our personal wounds. Layer by layer, a new understanding is revealed, getting us to grow stronger and to look at life and ourself from a different perspective. The process can often be painful, but a new sense of appreciation and gratitude can be achieved once a new realization occurs — a time when new evolution begins.

The Moon is joining Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the Sun in Pisces, and we have inspiration to make improvements on things we enjoy and sharing them with others will be a rewarding experience. Visions can give us insight into how things can be. There is only the belief in ourself that will make all things possible.

With the Moon's square to Saturn Rx and sextile to Venus and Pluto, do not let changes in our home or work area cause frustration and anger. What we failed in yesterday we will be able to pass today. Face any challenges with an open mind and we'll be ready to go. Our energy becomes more noticeable as we get things done earlier than usual. Think of things that can motivate us, perhaps we know someone more experienced who can help. With a New Moon Solar Eclipse approaching, this is the time to steer that ship our way. 

Moon in Pisces: Conjunct Mercury / Neptune / Chiron / the Sun (New Moon Solar Eclipse) ● Square Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Sextile Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Keep calm & go where your inspirations go.

There is magic in following dreams. There is joy in following impulses. There is spirit in following inspirations.

Sometimes, following our inspiration can mean not taking any action. And sometimes, following our inspiration can also mean taking deliberate action to move forward into the future of our dreams. Here lies the magic in listening to our intuition — or what the heart is trying to tell us.

The energy of the New Moon continues as the Moon and the Sun make their way into Aries. It's a time of new beginnings. A time to plant new seeds. A time when we can look at our life and see what we want to change - and what steps we need to take in order to bring in new possibilities. As we become more in tuned with our inner voice, we become more open to all the questions and therefore able to find ways to explore and to move in new directions.

With the Moon's trine to Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx, there truly is no better time to figure out a new plan that can bring lasting change than now. Our fondness of adventure could have us planning a sudden outing to a special place. The opportunity available to us now can put us into contact with interesting people. The most we may attract will be those who like to create and behave on instinct.

The Moon will then form an opposition to the North Node and a square to Pluto, and we will be bold enough to face any truth that stares us in the face. We should feel all fired up and self assured, which is a good start. The yearning to come up with something new may take work and long hours, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Keep going for your dreams. A new door is opening. Spread your wings, take flight and enjoy!

Moon in Aries: Conjunct Uranus / Mars ● Trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and Jupiter Rx in Leo ● Oppose the North Node in Libra ● Square Pluto in Capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

Some things are better left said. Unless they're psychic, then you just wait and see.

Some things are truly better left expressed, simply to avoid misunderstandings. But some things are better left unsaid, sometimes, for they can be understood beyond words.

Venus is back in Taurus - a sign she rules along with Libra. In an Earth sign, the Venus energy becomes more grounded. And it becomes easier to indulge in the more earthly delights such as foods, arts, music, or anything where creativity is involved. With the Moon conjoining Venus and sextiling Neptune / Mercury, we could find this to be the perfect time for getting back in touch with our dreams. Some far fetched dreams could open a window of opportunity where we will be able to see a future on something that no one else has the eye to see. Venus also inspires us to trust our feelings and allow our heart to open up more to recognize the hidden secrets that romance and love can hold for us. 

The Moon will then form a square to Jupiter Rx and a trine to Pluto, and we will create a combination of power and strength to put to use in just about any realm of our life. The sharp mental skills we have at this time can be excellent for covering more ground or any research we need to get done. New changes are also favoured - even if we fear changes at times. Just make sure to not overindulge, and to do one thing at a time.

Think happy thoughts. Remember to send love and light to Mother Earth. Know that the more we open our heart, the more room we will have for love, growth and peace.

Moon in Taurus: Conjunct Venus ● Sextile Neptune / Mercury in Pisces ● Square Jupiter Rx in Leo ● Trine Pluto in Capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

The difference between speaking from the mind and speaking from the heart is one usually consists of judgments and the other, love and truth. Never underestimate the healing power of speaking from the heart.

Speaking from the heart leaves less room for judgments, and gives more room for love, truth, and care. Because the heart can see beyond thoughts and judgments, which provides the opportunity to speak to another without making the other person feel judged. Nobody wants to feel judged, everybody wants to feel understood. Through love, honesty and sincerity, growth occurs, and truth unfolds.

The Moon is forming an opposition to Saturn Rx and a square to Neptune / Mercury, prompting us to look for possible new solutions to old problems. Get ready for a busy time - this is the perfect opportunity to get things ready and organized. There is no stopwatch for this, so go at our own pace. We may be coping with some situations that are quite different and new to us. But this is where the fun can come in. By remembering to give ourself some breathing space, we will enjoy how things move into place in the end. Efficiency is what we want and efficiency is what we will get. 

With the sextile to the Sun / Uranus / Mars and Jupiter Rx, go wherever our curiosity leads us. We have the courage to make the right decisions - nothing and no one will be able to distract us from that. One path may lead us to another mysterious route, so leave some room for adventure along the way. Imagine the world as our stage, and let our adventurous spirit free. 

This can be a magical turning point in our life.

Moon in Gemini: Oppose Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Sextile the Sun / Uranus / Mars in Aries and Jupiter Rx in Leo ●‪ Square Neptune / Mercury in Pisces

Yaviz Basalamah

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