Moon in Sights | April 23 - May 19, 2015

 May 19, 2015 

Keep moving on, and keep on moving.

Life's for the moving.

No matter what happened to us in the past, every day brings a new starting line. And with it, a new opportunity for us to run towards new dreams. A new possibility for us to start over. And a new chance for us to make a new promise to ourself.

The Moon in Gemini is conjoining with Mars and Mercury - which is turning retrograde, reminding us that we have a choice to help things move along or to just let the magic happen on its own. Whichever it is, choices can change at this time, pointing us in a new direction. Certain events or people from the past could remain a mystery, but they will bring to us new revelations and insights.

With the Moon's opposition to Saturn Rx and square to Neptune, take a longer look, we can let intuition guide us to do something different or to leave it for another time. Remember that there is a positive side to everything. Trust our instincts on this, especially when faced with difficult decisions. Special consideration should be given to our feelings as patience may be in short supply at times. Happy music can make us feel uplifted, contented and help stimulate production of more endorphins - aka the feel-good hormones.

The Moon is also forming a sextile to Jupiter and Uranus, and there's a more optimistic outlook towards life. This comes from a new-found awareness towards our own sense of personal power, and our openness to let go of outdated beliefs and self-imposed limitations. Feel free to speak up, as our honesty will help make sense of obstacles we encounter and to knock them out of our way. Don't be afraid to put some of our ideas to the test, the unexpected may very well work out the best. Carry out ideas with a firm goal in mind. We are ready to take action where needed to get things moving in the direction of our dreams and personal evolution. Moving is the word.

Moon in Gemini: Conjunct Mars / Mercury Rx ● Oppose Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Square Neptune in Pisces ● Sextile Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries



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 May 16, 2015 

New Moon in Taurus: Returning to the body, relearning your spirit.

What makes our soul happy? What makes our heart sing? What hurts our ego? What pains our mind? Where can we find our solace in the midst of grief? And how can we reclaim our inner power? By relearning what makes our spirit rise, we can begin to grow in a new direction. By recapturing our sense of purpose, we can become more in alignment with our soul. Begin listening more closely to what our spirit is trying tell us, and we are on our way to becoming a more powerful friend to our body, soul and spirit.

Happy New Moon! The Sun and the Moon are forming a conjunction in Taurus, marking a New Moon in the sign of the Bull. It's a time of new beginnings. A time when we can find new ways to connect with our body. A time when we can hear our spirit speaks, as we are eager to learn more and start anew.

The Moon is forming a sextile to Venus and Neptune and a trine to Pluto Rx, and we can paint our world with magic words and feelings. Go with the flow and enjoy the simpler things in life. Listen to our favourite music, eat our favourite foods, light our favourite candles, or take a warm bath before bed. Anything that delights the senses can inspire our imagination and nourish the soul. Bring more comfort into our life by sorting out chores that have lagged behind. Get rid of cobwebs to sweep out old energy and make space for new energy.

With the Moon's square to Jupiter, there may be a tendency to overindulge or overdo our attempts to find comfort. Feeling secure in our life doesn't just mean that we are content with the external elements in our life. It also means that we have some degree of security in our sense of self. Let go of the need for external validation. Find a more secure base within where we can rebuild our foundation, and start a new relationship with the inner self. It's time we embody our most empowered and authentic self, and become a magnet for truth, love and magic.

New Moon in Taurus: Sextile Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces ● Square Jupiter in Leo ● Trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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 May 14, 2015 

Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling.
-Deborah Day

The more we explore, the more mistakes we could make, and the more possibilities for learning we will find. The less we explore, the less mistakes we could make, and the less possibilities for learning we will find. By opening ourself up to exploration, we can begin to change our journey, and open ourself up to the ever-expanding possibilities for new growth, new hope, and new discovery.

The Moon is once again joining with Uranus - now at 18° of Aries, and we have a more open mind to let out more of our creative impulses. The next few days may bring in a mixed bag of surprises and emotions, so try to keep our sense of humor in tact and focus more on the positive side of things.

With the Moon's trine to Saturn Rx and Jupiter, and the sextile to Mars and Mercury, we quit chasing rainbows as we discover that there's a lot we can achieve in the short term by being patient. We are more independent and determined and will enjoy working on projects that require our passion and drive. We have a lot to think about, and now would be a good time to make our life seem more organized by practicing our new sense of self-discipline.

The Moon is also forming a square to Venus and Pluto Rx, and we will see our way through any unusual situation that develops as we realize that we actually have more bravery and backbone than we thought before. Keep our goals in mind as it's easy to spin out of control when we forget our sense of direction. Let go of tendencies to force things to happen, and we'll soon see that this cycle we are moving into can propel us closer to our dreams and highest potential.

Moon in Aries: Conjunct Uranus ● Trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo ● Sextile Mars and Mercury in Gemini ● Square Venus in Cancer and Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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 May 12, 2015 

The greatest wisdom lies in our present. Not the past, or the future, but where we are standing today, breathing, and alive. Let's stop for a moment, look around, and see where the wisdom can be found. It may be found in the trees dancing against the wind, or the butterfly flying freely through the garden. It may be found in the furniture pieces that hold things we love, or the bed that carries us to sleep. Wherever this wisdom may lie, know that we always have the power of the present moment within us. The power to choose which matters we need to prioritize more, the power to decide what steps we need to take next, the power to let go of old thoughts and feelings. Let our present moment inspire us to live in our present strength, present hope, and present wisdom.

The Moon in Pisces is conjoining with Neptune, and it's time to focus on emotions and trust our heart to lead us. Give them extra love and attention so that things can evolve in the direction of their purpose. Take special note of our dreams, for they can bring new inspirations at this stage.

With the Moon's trine to Venus and sextile to the Sun and Pluto Rx, we have good sensitivity working to pick up on something good. Our intuition is operating at a high level, so don't be surprised if we tune into the feelings of others. That platform of trust we have with them may turn out to be very rewarding. Make some room for love as we go along, as this could be a positive period for a blooming romance.

The Moon is also forming a square to Saturn Rx and Mercury, and it's good not to concern ourself with the small things for there could be an answer to each one this week. Practical abilities that we didn't know we had might suddenly come to the surface requiring our attention. Spend some time to walk in the fresh air, and put our thinking cap on, perhaps we will realize then what is really troubling us. Like a butterfly rising from its glimmering cocoon, we are rising to the next phase of learning along our soul's journey.

Moon in Pisces: Conjunct Neptune ● Sextile the Sun in Taurus and Pluto Rx in Capricorn ● Square Mercury in Gemini ● Trine Venus in Cancer



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 May 10, 2015 

Accept your uniqueness.

Our uniqueness is not just about the way we look, the way we act, the way we think, or the way we feel. It's more about the kind of relationship that we have with ourself, and the kind of energy that we bring into the world. So it's actually something that is more intangible rather than explainable. And once in a while, we get a glimpse of how our soul vibrates when we let go of our attachment to the ego, and reconnect with our heart's deep inner truth. As we follow the path of our natural desires, talents, and passions with the intention of bringing joy to ourself and others, our unique light blooms.

The Moon in Aquarius is forming a sextile to the sign's planetary rulers Saturn Rx and Uranus, and it's all about new approaches, a better perspective on life, and doing things with a clear mind. We may be given a good start on something that may prove to be a genuine way to express our creative skills.

With the Moon's opposition to Jupiter and square to the Sun and Mars, don't neglect our own needs. Just because everyone else wants to be slotted into our calendar, doesn't mean that we have to come last. We may not be happy with the choice before us so why not make up one of our own, but keep others in mind. Make sure to dedicate some time on our future plans along the way, we will get a few great ideas afterwards.

The Moon is also making a trine to Mercury, and we can make good progress on any project we have when we speak out for what we believe in and put words into action. We have the right ideas and style of communication to bring about changes in new, and unexpected ways. Conversations with others pick up speed as we realize that in spite of our differences, we actually have a lot more in common than we thought.

Know that by becoming more closely aligned with our true and most authentic self, we become more aware of each other's unique qualities, hence opening our eyes to the beauty and the strength in diversity.

Moon in Aquarius: Sextile Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries ● Trine Mercury in Gemini ● Oppose Jupiter in Leo ● Square the Sun / Mars in Taurus



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 May 8, 2015 

The only way to achieve great things is to do great work.
-Steve Tobak

Without action, inspiration remains unrealized. Without exploration, inspiration remains a mystery. The decision to take action is the first step to bring inspirations down to Earth. The courage to explore is the next step to find the best possible solutions. It requires a certain level of dedication and discipline to make dreams a reality. The determination to go into the unknown, and the perseverance to follow through, differentiates those who dream by day from those who dream by night. Be a dream doer.

The Moon in Capricorn is conjoining with Pluto Rx, reminding us of our goals and dreams and where we want to anchor them. No one can pull the wool over our eyes at this time and with new spark, we are ready to get our life back on track. 

With the Moon's square to Uranus, don't neglect those important details or hesitate to try out new ideas. It's not about changing who we are, it's about going for what we deserve. We just need to implement some self-discipline where needed to manifest the things that we really want to happen.

The Moon is also making a sextile to Neptune and a trine to the Sun and Mars, and with great encouragement — chances are good that we will succeed in getting one step closer to a goal. Our creative imagination will be open to greater inspiration, so take in all that positive energy and get cracking. It's time we dream in reality for a change.

Moon in Capricorn: Conjunct Pluto Rx ● Sextile Neptune in Pisces ● Square Uranus in Aries ● Trine the Sun / Mars in Taurus



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 May 6, 2015 

Warrior of Light.

One who embraces a journey of learning, discipline, and self-discovery in order to benefit others as well as enlighten him or her self.

Post Full Moon reflection; The spirit of truth lies in the heart of each and every one of us. Wherever this truth may lead us, we know deep down that this is where our life is heading toward. Whatever obstacles may lie ahead on our path, we trust that they carry lessons that will take us closer to that most authentic vision we have for our life. We will ultimately learn that feelings may come and go, but our truth will always lie within us, pure and honest.

The Moon in Sagittarius is conjoining with Saturn Rx, guiding us to find our center in the midst of change. Exercising patience in the middle of an unfolding chaos may take some practice, but it is a useful tool worth learning. Patience can essentially give to us clearer vision and more mindful thinking - which can help with our decision-making capacity.

With the Moon's square to Neptune and opposition to Mercury, make sure we don't get our heart and mind in a knot. Believe that with a little patience, we'll understand the reasons behind our present situation as everything resolves. See delays as opportunities for review and retrace, and doors closing as a sign of new ones opening. 

The Moon is also forming a trine to Jupiter and Uranus, and it's a period filled with new energy and inspiration. Make space for new ideas as our spirit is full of spontaneity. Others could say or do something that can make us more aware of who we are. Release any guilt or other negative emotions to the Universe, for the stars have lit the way for us to spread our wings.

It's time to keep the faith in our future, and to keep following the guidance that comes to us through repetitive feelings, thoughts, visions and words.

Moon in Sagittarius: Conjunct Saturn Rx ● Oppose Mercury in Gemini ● Square Neptune in Pisces ● Trine Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries



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 May 3, 2015 

Full Moon in Scorpio: Uncovering the untruths, discovering your truth.

What we believe to be the truth, may be a complete lie to another. And what another believes to be the truth, may be a complete lie to us. This has been a subject that has led to many pains, misunderstandings, and wars. Defending what we believe to be the truth, and hoping for the same belief in others. Where is this truth anyway? Why are we so diverse? Why can't we agree on the same belief? This struggle for sameness is the problem. As when there is no room for diversity, there is no room for peace. And when there is no room for understanding, there is no room for compassion. By returning to the root of our soul, we can find our deep inner truth. A truth that cannot be touched by anyone. A truth that can guide us along our way. A truth that will lead us to coexist with open heart, open mind, and open spirit.

Happy Full Flower Moon! The Moon in Scorpio is opposite the Sun and Mars in Taurus, marking an especially passionate Full Moon in the sign of the Scorpion. Move with the shifting sands as we are bound to discover a new direction to move toward.

With the Moon's trine to Neptune and sextile to Pluto Rx, we are reminded that when our heart is in a happy place, our mind is set to attract happier things. And as our mental and spiritual energy increases, we will find ourself less attracted to lower energies in relationships and situations.

The Moon is also making a square to Jupiter, and we should be mindful of acting over-confidently and saying something we might regret later on. Channel our new-found willpower to learn more about our own needs, desires, failings, habits, and everything else that makes us tick. This will help us stay away from a negative outlook and get rid of outdated beliefs.

Let our emotions flow under the Full Moon. We now have the power within us to grow, and the energy around us to change, heal, and attract a more authentic life. 

Full Moon in Scorpio: Trine Neptune in Pisces ● Oppose the Sun / Mars in Taurus ● Square Jupiter in Leo ● Sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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 April 30, 2015 

(adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect

There is no one formula to find the perfect balance. There is only the integration of different parts of life to form our whole story. Therein lies the beauty of our heart's unfolding wisdom, our mind's ever-growing awareness, our soul's transcending evolution.

The Moon in Libra is forming a sextile to Saturn Rx and Jupiter, and a dream we have brightens our mood. We may want to go on a captivating escape. We will enjoy seeing new places, new faces, and the art and creativity of artists.

With the Moon's square to Pluto Rx and opposition to Uranus, adopt a more open attitude and we can enjoy drawing the best in others. We will gladly support a friend or a colleague and realize that they too have mistakes and flaws, and that we are not alone. Make room for changes in our life to live it up. Ease up and reach out to welcome unexpected things that can happen at the drop of a hat. 

The Moon is also forming a trine to Libra's ruling planet Venus, and our appreciation of beauty is heightened. We are in the right frame of mind to have a heart-to-heart talk. Our mind can be opened by different values and attitudes we learn from each other. Our honesty will show and our flexibility will lead the way towards a new level of compassionate understanding.

As Richard Nixon once said, "If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together."

Moon in Libra: Sextile Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo ● Square Pluto Rx in Capricorn ● Oppose Uranus in Aries ● Trine Venus in Gemini



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 April 28, 2015 

As you expect the best out of life, remember to expect the best out of your mind.

Every change begins with a single step. No true and lasting change happens overnight. It usually starts with a new awareness or realization, and from there we begin to embark on new journeys of expansion and self-discovery.

The same goes with our mind. There is no one way to change the way we think. Being more in tuned with our mind is the first step to understand better how our mind operates. If our mind tends to give us thoughts that make us feel disempowered, it means that it doesn't respect us enough to give us thoughts that make us feel empowered. Trust that we deserve the best thoughts that our mind can offer. Be assertive with the mind - say; "If you're going to treat me this way, I'm not going to listen to you." And see how our mind begins to give us thoughts that are more supportive, uplifting, and empowering.

The Moon in Virgo is forming an opposition to Neptune and Chiron, and a square to Saturn Rx and Venus, giving us an opportunity to gain new insight into our old habits and beliefs. Do not allow our past hurts to set in, instead put ego aside and turn our attention back into our heart's wisdom. Let go of any trace of confusion by finding the time to pause and reflect.

With the Moon's trine to the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Pluto Rx, we have a lot of spunk and are not afraid to show it or use it. We go for what we want and we bring more luck our way through our hard work and positive thinking. Adopt a more welcoming attitude as new opportunities are plenty and our mind is ready with plenty more ideas. This may be a busy week altogether, but we get the chance to learn what it means to organize our mind for better productivity.

It will be surprising to see what we can achieve when our perception of what is possible changes.

Moon in Virgo: Oppose Neptune and Chiron in Pisces ● Square Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini ● Trine the Sun / Mars / Mercury in Taurus and Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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 April 25, 2015 

Wear your soul on your sleeve.

We can choose to either condemn or celebrate each other's differences. The choice is in our hands. The more energy we put into denying or belittling others' point of view, the more spite and resentment we bring into our world. And the more energy we put into honoring and celebrating others' point of view, the more love and inspiration we bring into our world. This brings to us the chance to grow beyond our past's limitations and to embrace each others' differences in a more conscious and positive way.

The Moon is in Leo conjoining with Jupiter, inspiring us to get back in touch with unique qualities we posses that make us shine. We have good aspirations at this time, and with strong determination at work we can make good progress on those ambitions close to our heart.

With the Moon's square to the Sun, Mars and Mercury, perhaps we did not hit that exact mark we were hoping for before, but now it can be a whole new story. We should be ready to conquer anything new as we are in the right energy to make things happen. It won't take long for us to figure out the best way to improve our creative and professional flow. With new strength and attitude we can be more open to exploring new and unexpected options.

The Moon is also forming a sextile to Venus and a trine to Saturn Rx and Uranus, and we have a powerful urge to do something extra spectacular. We can start with ourself for now — as it may have been staring us in the face. Start at the mirror then work all around us. Changes can be made everywhere and we will soon feel like a new person. We could astound others in our world by exposing a side of ourself that they had not seen before.

It's time we march to the beat of our own drum but don't forget to enjoy others' unique tunes along the way.

Moon in Leo: Conjunct Jupiter ● Trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries ● Sextile Venus in Gemini ● Square the Sun / Mars / Mercury in Taurus



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 April 23, 2015 

Find the beauty in your flaws, they help you treasure more fully your human qualities.

Uncover the wisdom in your strengths, they help you see more clearly your inner resilience.

The Moon is home in Cancer, marking a period of going back into our inner world. No matter what may be happening on the outside, know that we always have our inner sanctum to turn to.

With the Moon forming a trine to Neptune and a sextile to the Sun, Mars and Mercury, go out and meet the day head on. If we don't want to spend the day alone then call up a friend or go to places where people like to gather. Conversations can be very motivating and strong, and our mood should be getting livelier with every chance we get to spend with people. We have the confidence combined with the impulsiveness to develop interesting contacts and friendships.

The Moon is also forming a square to Uranus and an opposition to Pluto Rx, and as we speak our peace some may try to gain control over us. Trust our emotions at this time, for they can play a big role in seeing the truth in things. We can show others that situations can change by working together, respect brings in many rewards. We will know what's truly going on around us, and we won't lack the spirit to notice exactly what we need to do in order to get ahead. 

Conquer the new road ahead with an open attitude. We have the resilience now to use our skills to express our ideas in a beautiful and creative way.

Moon in Cancer: Sextile the Sun / Mars / Mercury in Taurus ● Square Uranus in Aries ● Trine Neptune in Pisces ● Oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn

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