Full Moon in Gemini | Nurturing Empowerment

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 November 26th, 2015 

Full Moon in Gemini: Your mind has the ability to empower and
disempower you. Which ability are you nurturing?

As we observe the inner workings of our mind, what can we see? If we were asked to describe our mind in one word, what word would it be? The first word that comes to mind is what we believe to be true about our mind. It may not be the whole truth, because our mind is more vast and complex than we can describe in one word. But it can be a pretty good indicator of ideas and beliefs we have about our life. Remember that our mind is growing every day with every experience we encounter and every inspiration we get. So there is no one way to work out the ultimate way of thinking. There is only awareness and understanding that we can cultivate as we learn something new each day. Regardless of how we are feeling now, we always have the capacity to transform our mind. To let go of old, outdated values and internal programming we have that are holding us back. To communicate our mind in a new way so that we can develop a more authentic connection with others. To shift our thoughts from beliefs that are disempowering, to ones that are more empowering and encouraging. The key is to keep an open mind. With an open mind, we become a conduit for inspiration and hence make way for life's revelations to come into our life from different people and places. By nurturing more empowering thoughts, we empower our heart and soul at the same time. By cultivating more positive thoughts, we liberate our mind from the shackles of our old disempowering thoughts. Become our own source of empowerment with our own empowering thoughts!

Happy Full Beaver Moon! The Moon in Gemini is forming an opposition to the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius, marking an extra intellectual and ambitious Full Moon in the sign of the Twins. There could also be extra tension, because an opposition to Saturn usually brings a feeling of being limited or restricted in some way. Perhaps due to some kind of unprecedented duties that we have to attend to, or perhaps because we feel there just isn't enough time or enough resources to do the things that we want to do. The name Beaver Moon itself comes from the colonists and Algonquin tribes that choose to set the beaver traps during this time to ensure a supply of warm winter furs before the swamps freeze over. The name also comes from the fact that beavers are more active at this time of year as they prepare for winter. With a Full Beaver Moon happening in the sign of communicative Gemini, we get a brand new understanding in the importance of communicating in an open and honest way. Just like a strong and resourceful beaver that is patient in building a river dam, we are guided to have more trust, faith and patience in building our own communicative abilities. It takes a lot of practice and making mistakes to get a deeper understanding of how our mind works. There could be pressures or even insecure outburst moments along the way. Have trust that it's all part of our mind's growing transformation. The process from communicating from a place of disempowerment, to communicating from a more empowered place within us. Be aware of this process, and let the power of mindful communication transform our relationship with life.

With both the Sun and the Moon forming a square to Neptune, we are craving simplicity, peace and emotional fulfillment. We are ready to step into a new phase and make a change, even if we're not sure what that change is. There could also be some kind of dissonant between what we believe to be the truth and what is actually happening in reality. So try not to be too hasty in making assumptions at this time, as things may not be as they appear. Going with the flow will be great but do keep our awareness in check. Knowing when to talk and when to keep quiet might be one of our ongoing struggles in life, and now we have an opportunity to work on this issue. Know that nothing can cloud our mind more than negative thoughts. It is time to forgive those thoughts, and to focus on all the lessons that we have learnt along the way. The Moon is also forming a trine to Venus and Mars and a sextile to Uranus Rx, and we can be thrilled with new connections we make as there is always something new showing up. Just when we think we have them figured out, out pops more surprises. We suddenly remember that there's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered by us and plenty of new things to learn and new people to meet. We are feeling more emotionally aware and speaking from the heart can bring great relief and understanding. The Full Moon reminds us to have faith, courage and the belief to begin our new journey from within. To remember that life is a wondrous circle, in which all things are passing and yet, have always been and will always be part of our soul's evolutionary cycle. We are moving forward with new faith on our path. And with it, comes greater feelings of trust, courage and spirit.

Yaviz Basalamah

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