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 December 11th, 2015 

New Moon in Sagittarius: Sometimes the answers lie in letting go
of the questions and going with your heart.

Let's get to know our fears a little bit better. To no longer question them, but to begin understanding them in a way that brings us new thoughts and ideas. Where do our fears come from, anyway? We may believe that they come from outside of us, from other people, or circumstances that we have no control over. If we're willing to stop for a minute, we will see that they all come from within. This is not to blame ourself for all the fears that we may be harboring or feeling. But more to see where the root of our fears lie within us. As we get to know our fears a little better, we will see that the root of all fears come from us thinking that things wouldn't go the way that we want them to go. So then, is there a way for us to see fears in a different light? In a more positive way, perhaps? Well, the first thing to notice is the pattern of our fears. What can we see? Do we keep invoking the same kind of fear within us? If so, can we turn them around by focusing instead on the power that we have in the present moment? Our future moments are not set in stone. Even if some of us believe that they are, we still have the power to change them. Or transform them in a way - by working together with life, and not against it. One way to work together with life is to see the future as filled with possibilities. Instead of seeing our fears coming true as possibilities, see the future as a time filled with new chances for growth and expansion. By understanding that we always grow with each fear we encounter, we can see fears in a different way. By realizing our true authentic power, we will see that each moment is a chance for us to grow beyond our current limitations. 

Happy New Moon! The Moon is conjoining the Sun in Sagittarius along with Saturn, marking an extra active and ambitious New Moon in the sign of the Archer-Centaur. Here is our chance for another brand new start. Even if we can't yet see a future that's filled with possibilities, we should at least get a better understanding of our fears of the future. Ruled by the planet Jupiter in Astrology, Sagittarius is a sign that looks more toward the future rather than the past. But with Saturn now moving through the sign, also known as the planet of restrictions or limitations in Astrology, the energy can get a little tangled between our need for expansion and our fear of it. We may have a desire for growth and evolution, but we may also have some fears that we need to deal with along the way. How can we move beyond those fears? How can we grow into fully embodying our true, most authentic and powerful self? Perhaps we need both fear and love in our life in order to understand ourself better. To try to find the wisdom in our fears. The wisdom of understanding our limitations better in order to understand our true potentials. Yes, it can all be a confusing mix, but only if we are not fully open and centered in our own soul. Is it possible perhaps, that deep down we are afraid of growth? It is possible, because growth can mean that we have to go outside of our comfort zone. This New Moon is our time to understand that it doesn't always have to be about going out of our comfort zone, but more about going deeper within to discover our true potentials. The possibility for growth is always embedded within us, as we shall soon see. As we nurture that optimistic side within us, we will see the many possibilities that life has to offer. Again, this is not about turning a blind eye to our fears or what we believe to be the reality of our life. But more to see life in a way that brings us a growing sense of openness to advancement and progress.

With the Moon forming a square to Neptune and Jupiter, we are at a crossroads, and we are listening to our inner guidance about the best direction to take through our feelings. Spend some time in quiet contemplation with our feelings. Listen more closely to our emotions to help them reveal to us our innermost truths. A few things may not be as clear as we want them to be now, which is why we need to be extra aware so that we can consciously know how we really feel. The Moon in Sagittarius can also evoke within us the desire for travel or even to learn new languages. But perhaps we currently have some obligations to attend to or projects to complete. Regardless of our current situation, a more playful approach to responsibilities can bring about humor, creativity and surprises to our day. The Moon is also forming a trine to Uranus Rx and a sextile to Mars, and even though there's so much intense energy in the world right now, there's also a new wave of positive energy coming through our prayers and belief. Each one of us plays an important part in this. By refusing to let fear get in our way, we make room for courage to permeate our life. By keeping our heart open to love and light, we make way for miracles to support us on our path. A New Moon is always a great time to start anew. To see our world with brand new eyes and to explore new options. Communicating and sharing of ideas can expand our boundaries and broaden our horizons at this time. Just remember to keep the faith and keep on following our heart compass, because that's where our true inspiration resides.

Yaviz Basalamah

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