New Moon in Virgo | Rediscovering the Present (Mini Post)

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 September 20th, 2017 

New Moon in Virgo:
Feeling at home in your life begins with feeling at home in your soul.

Where you feel most at home is where your authenticity resides. 

Where you feel most at peace is where your wisdom resides. 

So where do we truly feel most at home? Where do we find the most peace? Is it by the fireplace at home? Or on the beach at sunrise? Is it while getting lost in the woods? Or while hiking in the mountains?

Wherever it may be, finding some time to de-stress, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, can help us to reconnect with ourselves. It's important to know where our go-to destinations for unplugging and recharging, because stress not only clutters our minds but also the source of many physical health problems. 

Taking care of the clutter in our homes is also another great way to help us 'reorganize' our lives. We can start by asking ourselves, what would we replace if we lost everything? By being more mindful before we bring something new into our lives, we can ensure the only things we add are things that we truly want, love and need instead of things that keep up space. 

Focusing on the present can also help us reclaim our inner peace, because stress often comes from living in the past or the future. Whether it's regretting something that we have done or worrying about what to do next, by choosing to focus more on the present we can keep our problems in perspective. Sometimes, we focus so much on our problems that we forget all the blessings that we have received in our lives. 

A New Moon is Virgo brings to us the chance to remember how blessed we actually are. We are reminded that life unfolds in the present and that we are only misusing the precious seconds of our lives by worrying about the future or brooding over the past. Living in the moment, which is another term for mindfulness, is a state where we are more engaged, more open and more aware of the present. 

Know that living in the moment is not about dwelling on our present worries or mind-chatter, but more about cultivating deeper awareness of our personal power in the present moment. This also doesn't mean that we should avoid what is bothering us, but more about moving toward it from a place of acceptance, and then directing our attention back to our personal power.

As we draw our next breath, feel the power in our souls and the light in our hearts. This is it. We are here, alive, aware and ready for our brand new beginning where we feel more at home, not only in our souls, but also in our lives.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Virgo: Conjunct Mars, Mercury and the Sun ● Oppose Neptune Rx and
Chiron Rx in Pisces ● Trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn ● Square Saturn in Sagittarius


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