New Moon in Capricorn | New Dreams, New Drive

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 January 16th, 2018 

New Moon in Capricorn:
Without drive and determination, your dreams can't move forward.

Where did the dreams go? Where did the drive go? When was the last time we felt so enthusiastic about our dreams that we could see it so clearly in our head what we wanted to achieve? Perhaps we no longer have the same dreams. Perhaps we no longer believe in those dreams we used to have. Or perhaps we have given up entirely and have stopped trying to achieve new dreams. Whatever the case may be, our dreams are very much alive within us, waiting for our drive to return. Waiting for us to have new hope and new faith. 

This is not about us blindly moving forward in spite of circumstances. This is about us releasing old self-limiting beliefs and welcoming new confidence and self-empowerment. This is about us opening our eyes, heart and mind to new opportunities and possibilities. This is about us redefining our sense of purpose and what it means to actively choose to keep moving forward. Even if the direction we are heading in might be different than we previously planned, the important thing is that we keep going on our journey and keep learning about ourselves through the process. 

Begin celebrating small milestones, because in this way we can experience success at each point along the way. Start developing a new sense of self-awareness, one in which we can not only thrive from gaining confidence in our strengths, but also through learning from our weaknesses. We may have confidence in some areas and not in others — but we can always choose to either focus on those areas where we feel inadequate, or draw from those areas where we feel self-assured.

Our dreams are very much alive within us,
waiting for our drive to return.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, the Sun and Venus in Capricorn, marking a super ambitious and passionate New Moon in the sign of the mountain goat. With a stellium of 6 planets in the same sign, the deepest and most personal qualities of the sign are brought to the surface for us to experience and explore. Capricornians are known for their ambitious nature as well as their practical approach to achieving their goals and dreams. 

A New Moon in the sign of Capricorn brings to us the opportunity to cultivate a new sense of self-confidence where we can begin to tap into our strengths and trust our capabilities. What is a goal that we have always wanted to achieve and haven't? This is our chance to build certainty and confidence by building on successes, even small ones, and free ourselves from our limiting story.

Begin celebrating small milestones, because in this way we
can experience success at each point along the way.

The Moon is forming a sextile to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and we are once again reminded to be mindful of the present moment. The past is over, and the future hasn't happened yet. Take a moment to allow ourselves to be aware of the wonders of the world as well as the divine guidance that helps those ordinary miracles unfold. As we continue to live with awareness, we free ourselves from the burden of rushing things up and create more space for miracles to unfold.

The Moon is also forming a sextile to Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, and we understand that success doesn't come without hard work, discipline and dedication. It's time for us to go in the direction of our dreams, even if they seem impossible now. Determination, commitment and a burning passion to see our dreams come to fruition will help us achieve any goal our intuition guides us toward.

With the Moon's square to Uranus in Aries, we are reminded that we have the right to change our life. As we remain curious, open and flexible, we also take responsibility for ourselves, our life and our happiness. Cultivate curiosity, and trust the process of change and learning. In between what was and what will be, is a state of unmasking where let go of what no longer serves us and let in growth, resilience, instinct and tenacity.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Capricorn: Conjunct Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, the Sun
and Venus ● Sextile Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter
/Mars in Scorpio ● Square Uranus in Aries


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