Full Moon in Pisces | Full Force of Healing

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 August 29th, 2015 

Full Moon in Pisces: What doesn't kill you makes you a force of healing.

What does it mean to heal? And what does it mean to be healed? How can we heal another? And how can we find healing in another? The answers lie in our wounds. What is painful to us may not be painful to another. And what is painful to another may not be painful to us. Know that a painful experience may leave us with some emotional wounds, but those wounds can be healed once we are ready to get to their roots and try to understand the deeper, underlying issues. Why are we hurt? Why is heartbreak so painful? Why does betrayal feel so terrible? Many of us feel that the only way we can be healed emotionally is if we see a change in the other person. When in truth, the reason why we feel hurt is because we have given our power away. So what kind of power do we have that we've given away? It is the power to respect our humanity. The power to honour our soul. The power to stand tall. And the power to stay true to our own heart. We always have this power within us, and we always have the capacity to embody our most authentic truth. Yes, it's okay to feel the pain. And it's okay to feel the anger. But once we reach that dark part of the soul, that's where we can begin to see the light. The light that is always embedded within us, and waiting for us to acknowledge it. As we see that light, that's when our healing begins. Step by step, we grow stronger, wiser and more aware. And from there we light the way for others in our world to see that they too, can find their own inner healing light.

Happy Full Sturgeon Moon! The Moon is joining Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in Pisces opposing Jupiter and the Sun in Virgo, marking an especially dreamy, idealistic and intuitive Full Moon in the sign of the Fish. The name Sturgeon Moon comes from the fishing tribes that see this month as a time when the sturgeon - a large fish common to the Great Lakes, is most easily caught. The reddish appearance of the Moon through the sultry hazes of August also prompted some tribes to call it the Red Moon. The Moon in Pisces itself is emotional, instinctive and romantic. With the conjunction to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx the Moon becomes extra imaginative and spiritual, as well as bringing the potential for emotional healing. Ruling the 12th House in Astrology, or the House of the Subconscious, Pisceans are known for their extremely sensitive, mysterious and elusive nature. They may try to escape the realities of pain and suffering by retreating into their own private worlds or indulging in some kind of addiction, but once they are aware of these tendencies, they can be some of the most compassionate, wise and hard-working people out there. Chiron's transit through Pisces has been helping us to go deeper into our subconscious to discover our unconscious patterns. What kind of beliefs do we harbour that have been holding us back from reaching our truest potential? We have the courage now to understand that healing is an ongoing process, and each day brings a new chance for our healing to unfold.

The Moon's opposition to Jupiter and the Sun highlights our connection with the world at large. How do we feel about what's currently happening in the world? What can we do to make the world around us a more peaceful place to live in? Strong bonding could lead to firm and lasting friendships in the future. The atmosphere carries with it a powerful energy that influences our ability to aim high and to stay focused. Add fantasy to our dreams as we take that next step, and have faith that the stars have even more in store for us down the line. This brings a whole new meaning to the word love. We finally remember that we are the creator in our own world and that love can break barriers between our fears and our dreams. Since Full Moons are a time of culminations, this can be a great time for a new outlook on our current situations. If we feel like wandering off on our own, perhaps to explore or simply to relax, there could be someone willing to join us. Make the most of this Full Moon as we are more emotionally in touch with the vibes around us. Things we do differently could work out better than planned. Just make sure to be truly honest with ourself about what we want. Make a list of all the positive things and let go of the old and the toxic. We are, after all, in a cycle of completion. A time when we are releasing old unhealthful habits or going on a spiritual journey.

With the Moon's sextile to Pluto Rx and the trine to Saturn, we trust our psychic senses to guide us on our way. Pluto helps reawaken our senses so as to open our eyes to see things as they really are. We don't take worries too seriously, as we know that they're only distractions conjured up by the ego. Fate could intervene to add just that slight touch of magick to transform our vision into reality. Stay in the shallow end at first, then gradually we can go deeper to explore. Listen to that inner voice, it has been trying to tell us something. If our responsibilities require us to be amongst harsh energy, then be sure to pray for shielding and protection. We can be a wonderful leader now for those who may be lost in the dark. We have found our own footing to be firm and steadfast, and experience can show in moves we make. Blessings in disguise await, especially if we're willing to be open to our prayers being manifested differently than we expect. Drop attachments to specific outcomes and trust the universe to deliver divinely perfect manifestations. We can soon see the big picture and why everything has to happen the way that it happens. This weekend, be especially focused upon keeping our energy clear of fear. As soon as we become aware of any distress in our consciousness, pray to be returned to our natural loving and peaceful state of being. Deep breath . . . exhale . . . and welcome the blessings that come from healing.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Pisces: Conjunct Neptune Rx / Chiron Rx ● Oppose Jupiter / the Sun in Virgo
Sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn ● Trine Saturn in Scorpio


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