New Moon in Leo | Unbreakable Light

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 August 13th, 2015 

New Moon in Leo: Shine from the soul. Live from the heart. Be an unbreakable light.

How many times have we heard people talk about the idea of shining their light? Apart from being true to who we truly are, what does it really mean to shine our light? How about those days when we don't feel whole enough to let our light shine? Perhaps we can start by finding out what it is that can bring back our inner light in times of darkness. And we can begin as simple as figuring out what we can do in the present moment that can make us feel happy and more hopeful again. Perhaps it's wearing our favourite piece of clothing, or perhaps it's making our favourite meal. Perhaps it's going out with our friends, or perhaps it's staying in with a good book. Know that whatever course of action we choose to take to cheer ourself up is a step closer to finding our inner light. Some people may choose to make a prayer, and some will choose to meditate. Some people may choose to listen to their favourite music, and some will choose to sing their heart out. Some people may choose to cry and let their emotions out in private, and some will prefer to get out in nature and scream their lungs out. The answers to our questions always reside within us. Our ability to find the inner light is in our hands, if we are willing to look deeper into our heart. And once we find that which can bring us into a state of hopefulness, we begin to shine a little brighter. Awakened hopefulness, not blind cynicism, is the beginning of a more open heart and mind. Never lose hope and we'll never lose our light.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining Mars, the Sun and Venus Rx in Leo, marking an especially vibrant, loving and intuitive New Moon in the sign of the Lion. The Sun, being the ruler of Leo, feels most at home in the sign. With its conjunction to Venus Rx, this New Moon is a wonderful time to restart from the heart. No matter how many times our heart may have been broken, we have the power now to start again. To begin owning who we truly are because we understand our heart better. To realize that the good always outweighs the bad, because every relationship brings to us a new and more profound understanding about ourself and what our soul really wants. And to know that we have come out stronger, wiser, and more aware than we've ever been before. All these deep-rooted shifts have been happening because of the Venus retrograde. Venus, the planet of love, going backwards means we go within to understand love better. And since Venus is retrograding in Leo, a sign that rules the heart, we truly go deep into the inner realms of the heart. What makes us tick in love? What will we no longer put up with in relationships? What kind of compromise or agreement are we ready to make? As we listen more closely to what love is trying to tell us, we become more in touch with our heart, and therefore able to think, act, and speak more openly from the heart.

The Moon is forming a quincunx to Neptune Rx and Pluto Rx, and we may feel a little torn between what we believe we can do and what we feel we ought to do. No words need to be said, our whole being says it all. Our mind can actually be active and sharp, as long as we don't give in to the confusion. Now would be a good time to think about our plans for the future. We have our dreams and ideals, so it helps if we could start saving for that new creative project we have. Understanding that this can be a new stepping stone to improving our skills and learning. Our experience has taught us a lot, we now have more than enough understanding to turn things around in a positive way. A few challenges could work in our favour during the next few days, but we will need to take a closer look to notice them. Look beyond with eyes opened to see the opportunity our questions can open up. Events and lessons from the past could help us avoid certain situations, just make sure our ego doesn't get in the way. Pluto is guiding us to see whether we know our true heart's desire. Are we aware that we choose the majority of our desires on the basis of unconscious patterns? Only when we realize what our heart's desire is, that the joy in our heart becomes infinite.

With the Moon's trine to Uranus Rx, there could be a few good surprises around the corner and things happening at a faster pace. The energy carries several messages for us and we could be taken on a new journey. It's a great time to put new intentions out there. We are feeling more passionate with this much energy to work on, just think what we can do feeling like this every day. Carry on with our enthusiastic approach, and let it work magic for us. We could be lucky this New Moon as flashes of inspiration guide us towards new opportunities. We will feel connected to people who have a passion for life, and those who laugh a lot and use humor to fill their lives. Let more of that confident nature shine through as there is a wonderful new path to take. Once we sort out in our mind what we want to do, the journey to get there becomes easier. All we have to do is take that first step. Get in touch with the light of our soul. The sooner we become aware of that light, the faster we will progress on our path. Light the path ahead with love. Lift our spirits with play. Define happiness on our own terms.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Leo: Conjunct Mars / the Sun / Venus Rx ● Quincunx Neptune Rx in
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