Supermoon in Aries | Run Your Own Race

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 September 28th, 2015 

Supermoon in Aries: Sometimes you just have to stop thinking so much,
and go run your own race.

When was the last time we asked ourself, "Who am I?". And what was our answer to that? If we were to ask ourself the same question again today, "Who am I?", what will our answer be? Will it be the same? Or will it be different? What used to be okay for us, may not be okay for us now. What we used to find enjoyable doing, may not be so enjoyable today. We may have different habits now. Different hobbies. Different tastes in music and fashion. Different friends. Different belief systems. Different life. So where did that old self go? Some say old selves die. And some say old selves evolve. In truth, old selves are transformed as we grow. We change because we have grown out of our old self. We want to be better because we know better. And this is the kind of competition that we can cultivate as we move forward. Competing with ourself - or in other words, running our own race. Not because we're not good enough to compete with others, but because we understand that people lead very different lives. It can be misleading to judge other people's lives through posts they share on social media. While it can be healthy to compete because we want to improve ourself. It can be unhealthy when we compete because we think that we do not measure up. Know that success doesn't come overnight. It is actually a never-ending process. We reach different kinds of success as we go through life, because we are on our own unique journey. Accept this journey. Be proactive. Be bold. Be our own unique self.

Happy Supermoon Lunar Eclipse! The Moon is joining Uranus Rx in Aries forming an opposition to the Sun and Mercury Rx in Libra, marking an extra potent and electric Full Moon in the sign of the Ram. This Full Moon that usually falls in late September or early October also happens to be called a Harvest Moon. Astronomers define the Harvest Moon as the Full Moon that is closest to the autumn equinox. While according to Native Americans, it is a time when corn is supposed to be harvested. At the peak of harvest, farmers can work late into the night under the light of this Moon. This will also be the biggest Full Moon of 2015, because on the very same day the Moon will be at perigee — its closest point to the Earth, making it a Supermoon. Full Moons are a time of culminations. A time when we can reap what we have sown since the New Moon. A time when we get to see our life from a new standpoint and make new decisions based on a brand new perspective. With the Full Moon happening in the first sign of the zodiac, we get to start right from within. Ruling the First House in Astrology, or the House of Self, those born under the sign of Aries are known for their independent, optimistic and courageous nature. They may seem impulsive, short tempered, or self-involved at times, but they are generally upbeat and passionate people who will always look out for their friends with sincere and heartfelt generosity. The Full Moon in Aries encourages us to get back in the driver's seat of our life. To tackle old problems with fervour. To let go of the past once and for all. To take charge and become a better leader in our own life as we make our unique mark on the world.

With the Moon forming a trine to Saturn and Venus, get in touch with what we feel and go with the flow of the brush. We have a flair for colours so we can expect to have fun with ideas and watch them take form into something we've never seen before. Even if we are not artistically inclined, our ambitions in everyday life should reflect our newfound inner freedom. Important friendships or partnerships can be formed if we're open to sharing in a whole new way. People are more responsive when we can be honest and truthful while being diplomatic at the same time. We could find just the right person to talk to regarding our personal or professional issues. A stronger sense of confidence will take hold as we believe more in ourself, so keep this in mind as we begin the new week. Another great way to work with the Aries Full Moon is to escape somewhere and go on a mini adventure. It doesn't matter where we go, as long as we can devote some time to being playful, carefree and imaginative. This investment in time will bring in positive energy, and make way for new creative ideas. Are we aware that there is actually an inexhaustible source of creativity within us? All we need to do is connect with the flow of creative energy inside us. Release our fears and doubts, but do not push them away. Instead, challenge them courageously. While we do so, allow our joyful inner child to surface. Are we also aware that the inner feeling of happiness does not depend on external circumstances? The feeling of happiness is a conscious choice. What will we choose?

The Moon is also forming a square to Pluto which has recently ceased his retrograde motion and gone direct, and our deep sensitivity can come out to work as we learn to trust our instincts more. We will be able to concentrate with renewed energy on assignments we usually would find tedious. If any problem does arise, we will have no problem in getting to the heart of it. Look closer with an open mind and we will see that the solution can be found sooner than we expected. Sometimes it's good to see a situation for what it really is, and to let ourself enjoy the learning aspect of it. We can take pleasure in a good challenge to get that brain power going again. This truly is our opportunity to make changes. To pay attention where needed. As I was writing this blog post, I saw a lizard walking through the garden. And I thought, what a fascinating omen. According to ancient symbolisms, lizards represent our dreams as well as powers yet untapped within us. Powers of transformation and regeneration are available to us so that we can move beyond our wounds and let healing take place. The lizard spirit animal teaches the wisdom of regeneration that we can tap into. It is only when we can let go of old ideas, patterns and belief systems that the process of transformation can take place. Just like the lizard that likes to bask in the warm rays of sunlight, we too can bask in the light of our own soul's radiance. By understanding the importance of having trust in ourself, we can begin to appreciate ourself more and connect with our inner strength. It is time to move forward with courage and self-assuredness into a new chapter of our life. Affirm: I am my own's best ally.

Yaviz Basalamah

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