New Moon in Libra | New Meaning in Soul-love

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 October 12th, 2015 

New Moon in Libra: What better way to start loving yourself
than to start loving your soul?

What does it mean to be mentally mature? And what does it really mean to be emotionally ripe? Having enough life experience or taking responsibility for our own actions may come to mind when we think about the marks of maturity. How about being spiritually awake? What do people mean when they talk about being spiritually awake or advanced? And how can one truly begin the journey to self-love? Is loving ourself part of mental, emotional, or spiritual maturity? Yes. Self-love comes from reaching a certain level of mental, emotional and spiritual maturity. Some think that age probably has something to do with that. When in truth, age has nothing to do with inner growth or maturity. Someone can be over the age of 60 and still be emotionally immature. While another can be under the age of 30 and be more mature emotionally. Perhaps upbringing, tradition and culture have something to do with that — or perhaps not. Still, we can only begin to grow once we decide to become more open and receptive to change. How do we really feel about the changes in our life? Remember that sometimes pain precedes change. And sometimes all it takes is for us to say "enough is enough" before we can start that journey to self-love. Loving ourself means being kind to ourself. It is never about being narcissistic. It's actually more about having a new sense of understanding about our soul. Tune in and get in touch with our true feelings. Have an honest discussion with ourself. Self-reflection will help us to understand, accept, and have more compassion for ourself. This is the beginning of our soul-love journey.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is conjoining Mercury and the Sun in Libra, marking an extra intuitive and talkative New Moon in the sign of the Scales. With Mercury now going direct, after ceasing the last retrograde in 2015 back on October 9th, we get a thumbs up in communication. The Libran energy is all about communicating. In other words, to talk things through to work things out. Ruling the 7th House in Astrology, or the House of Partnerships, what Librans want most in life is to have peaceful relationships. To be able to maintain a certain level of balance in their daily interactions with people. To find some tolerable middle ground between two opposing forces so that justice can be reached. Those born under this sign may come across as indecisive, vain or superficial at times, but deep down they are caring, diplomatic peacemakers who want to bring harmony into every situation. With a New Moon happening in the sign of Libra, we get a chance to make a new beginning in our one-to-one relationships. No matter where the New Moon falls in our birth chart, we can begin to see the correlation between how we deal with ourself and how we deal with others. It may require some adjustments, but know that we have the celestial support to begin a more loving relationship with ourself. Planet Venus is the ruler of Libra. Known in the Roman mythology as the goddess of love, beauty and desire, Venus inspires us to instill more creativity and harmony into our life. Whether it's expressed through romantic relationships, making music, writing poetry, painting, cooking, or simply anything that stimulates the creative senses can delight our mind and body. 

With the Moon forming a sextile to Saturn, we can make great connections that last a long time. We can go out and have a good time, but apply ourself diligently early in the day so that we don't feel guilty about avoiding important commitments. It is a social time and great for mingling. It will be worth it to visit a few friends just to catch up, or perhaps even make plans together for next weekend. The energy promises greater strength within ourself which will prove to be most effective when communicating with others. Our ability to see others' point of view can be clearer than usual. Especially now that Mercury has changed direction. Our skin has grown thicker over time and we have gone through many challenges on our path over the past view months. The loyalty to friendships we've been slowly building can start to show results this week. A conversation that we have been meaning to have for a long time can also help clear up misunderstandings. A New Moon is a wonderful time to plant new seeds. In the case of this New Moon, it's a great time to plant new seeds of peace and growth. With greater sensitivity and awareness, we can start to build more mindful relationships. Ones where we can interact more mindfully with each other, and create more harmony and better communication. Speaking more mindfully may take a little time and practice to develop. But it can make a big difference to how we are being heard and understood. It also enhances our individual well-being and brings improvements to our overall relationship happiness. Mindfulness is a way to get in touch with our thoughts and emotions without falling victim to uncomfortable, heightened responses based on unresolved issues from our past.

The Moon is also forming a square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus Rx, and we are ready to clear away the residue of fear energy. Forgiving ourself for our choices and decisions, and then letting it all go is an important step we can take at this time. Uranus going through Aries has been teaching us the wisdom of having trust in our own individual strength. Showing us that we are stronger than we know, and that we do have the strength to make the changes we're guided to make. To know that sometimes the purpose of challenging experiences is to help us develop our awareness, and to see how strong we truly are. We now have the endurance to handle and heal upsetting situations and to make positive changes. This is not a time to try to control things, but to stand steadfast in our faith. The New Moon brings to us the chance to power up our confidence, intuition and strength. Sometimes this means knowing when to steer away from harsh energies, and only keeping company with gentle people and gentle environments. If we live, work or study in an environment which isn't gentle, take some breaks to be by ourself, close our eyes, take deep breaths, and regain our center. Taking a nap and getting some rest is also part of being gentle with ourself. If we've been feeling a little 'off' or not ourself, it's probably because we have absorbed other people's emotional energy. Perhaps in our attempt to help others, or because we are emphatic. The point is to keep clearing ourself. As we start a brand new Moon cycle, it's important to be discerning about who and what we spend our time with. Continue devoting time and energy to life-affirming thoughts, following our soul's guidance, and trusting the way that things flow. Live peace. Be peace. Allow peace.

Yaviz Basalamah

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