Full Moon in Virgo | Reaching Your Spiritual Wellness Goals

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 February 22nd, 2016 

Full Moon in Virgo: Open-mindedness, hopefulness and truthfulness
are signs of a healthy mind, heart and spirit.

Being hopeful is not about being gullible, but more about being open-minded enough to look for new ways to keep rising, growing and learning. Being truthful is not about speaking just for the sake of expressing our mind, but more about being open-hearted enough to speak from the soul with the intention of bringing positive change. 

Some people have the wrong impression that when someone is filled with hope or feeling too optimistic, they are probably naive or have never experienced trauma to fully understand how the world works. Having hope in our heart doesn't necessarily mean that we have to 'fake it' until what we hope for comes true. Having hope means that instead of focusing too much on what can go wrong, we put our focus more on the present moment - while at the same time being logical enough to look for solutions to problems that we may encounter in the future. 

The same goes with the idea that feeling hopeful means that we have to be in a constant state of happiness. Because there is no such thing as feeling hopeful and awful at the same time. Understand that it is okay to feel sadness. It is okay to feel like we don't belong. And there is nothing shameful in depression, because it can hit anyone at any time. But if we are open-minded enough to keep some hope in our heart (or at the very least in the back of our mind), we will always have faith within us. The faith that this too shall pass. The faith that things can be different. 

We may believe that some wounds will never heal, but with hope we will also acknowledge that we grow with each passing day. We will evolve with each lesson that we learn. And we will rise above old problems with each level of awareness that we reach. Remain healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually by being open-minded, hopeful and truthful.

Happy Full Snow Moon! The Moon is joining Jupiter Rx in Virgo and forming an opposition to the Sun, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, marking an extra intuitive and discerning Full Moon in the sign of the Maiden. A 'Full Snow Moon' is a name given to a Full Moon that happens in February, because it is usually a month with the heaviest snowfall. And as a result, hunting becomes more difficult, which is why Native Americans also called this the Hunger Moon. 

Ruling the 6th House in Astrology or the House of Work and Health, the Virgo energy is all about maintaining a healthy balance between mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. When one aspect is out of balance, it will have an effect on the other equally important aspects at the same time. A Full Moon happening in the sign of Virgo means that this is our time to reach a new level of internal stability and external equilibrium.

One of the ways that this can be possible for us is by realizing that ultimately, we are in control of the stories that we live. We have the choice to feel hopeful and keep moving forward in life, or to feel hopeless and remain stuck in one page of our life. The Full Moon is asking: Which story are you currently writing? Is it a story of progress and evolution? Or is it a story of regress and devolution?

With the Moon's square to Saturn, we are guided to remain strong and lift our spirits up to a more secure and peaceful place. Sometimes negative people, situations or experiences can pull us down that we feel sidetracked from our original purpose. The Virgo Full Moon has come to remind us of our true inner sanctuary. Our true internal happiness. Our true spiritual purpose.

Know that there is always within us a river of peace flowing endlessly. A ray of hope growing bountifully. And an energy of love flourishing abundantly. They are always within us beneath the illusions of our ego and the false promises of our misguided fears. 

The Moon is also forming a trine to Pluto and a sextile to Mars, and with movement comes fruition. How can we trust and follow our own soul's calling? Or how can we find it if we feel unsure about what our soul's true calling actually is? There is something important that we are called to do, and the Full Moon is guiding us to increase our confidence and self-motivation to keep going forward. 

There is a sacred lesson in getting the job done. The lesson of tapping into our personal power. The lesson of becoming and remaining authentically positive. The lesson of staying true to our own soul. Our growing spiritual awareness is here to reveal to us that our latest hidden treasure is us fearlessly following our heart's guidance to go to that next level of soulful productivity.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Virgo: Oppose the Sun, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces ●
Square Saturn in Sagittarius ● Trine Pluto in Capricorn ●
Sextile Mars in Scorpio ● Conjunct Jupiter Rx



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