New Moon in Aquarius | Be Nobody But Your Soul

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 February 8th, 2016 

You can only be authentic to the degree that you currently know yourself.
Teal Swan

New Moon in Aquarius: Just be you(r soul).

There is no one way to be authentic, because there are different kinds of authenticity. What we believe to be a mark of authenticity may be different to what another believes to be a mark of authenticity.

So what really comes to mind when we think about authenticity?

Is it dressing the way want to look? Is it speaking our heart and mind openly? Or is it acting the way we feel our soul wants to express itself? In truth, being authentic doesn't mean that we have to speak our mind all the time. Being authentic doesn't mean that we have to break the rules in order to be ourself. Being authentic doesn't mean that we have to act so hardcore and nonchalant all the time in order to appear cool. Being authentic means that we trust our heart's wisdom, accept our mind's growing awareness and follow our soul's expanding evolution. 

With time, we may change the way we act, the way we look, or the way we speak, but deep down, our essence remains the same. Outside circumstances may shake us to the core and we feel transformed, like a different person. This doesn't mean that we haven't been authentic all along, but more because we embody our soul more fully with each experience we encounter. 

The same goes with changes in the lives of others. For example, we may be used to seeing that one friend in our life as someone who seems quiet and reserved. But lately they look different, they seem more confident, and they even start making video blogs and posting them on YouTube. Perhaps they may seem insincere to us because they no longer look and act the same way. 

Instead of judging them as being inauthentic, why not see them as someone who wants to grow beyond their old limitations? Someone who feels that they have more within them to express and offer. Someone who wants to become their own person. This is one example of how a person can become more authentically themself. It is not about changing ourself for the sake of change, or because others want us to, but more because we feel that it is necessary for the evolution of our soul.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is conjoining the Sun in Aquarius, marking an extra electric and eclectic New Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer. Planting new seeds of hope and change is favoured at this time. Which means the possibility for us finding new ways of thinking that can elevate the mind and see our life from a different perspective is high in the next two weeks. Understanding the wisdom within our obstacles can be one of the first steps to finding the solution we have been looking for. 

What hasn't been working in our life and what can we do differently now to change that? How honest have we been in our relationships? And how willing are we to express our mind openly? Speaking from the heart and sharing our true feelings is the next step we can take at this time to build healthier and more authentic interactions. 

Ruling the 11th House in Astrology - or the House of Friends, Groups, Hopes and Dreams, the Aquarian energy is all about bringing people together who share common goals and dreams. How do we feel about the friendships in our life? What can we do to connect with our friends on a deeper and more authentic level? 

Networking and Social Media also fall under this House, because by using social media as a networking tool, we can connect with like-minded people. Perhaps we need to create more specific groups on social media platforms such as Facebook or Google+ to keep in touch with those we have affinity with. Using mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Line, BBM or Snapchat is also another great way to connect and exchange ideas with others - which in turn can help us expand our mind and reignite our creativity.

The Moon is forming a sextile to Saturn and Uranus, and working in harmony with others is our key to success now. Are we having difficulties with people we work with? Because this can be the time to turn our relationships around. Be true to ourself and let the universe know that we are now ready to work with open-mind people of integrity. Affirm that from today onward we will only work with courageous souls who will stand for peace, freedom and fairness. 

Events taking place in the next few weeks will reflect our personality in such a way that we end up being more in tuned with our soul. Step forward with our creative ideas and inspirations as we may come in contact with someone who can help us improve our career in some way. This is also the time to plant seeds of positive thought in people we would like to get to know better. Put out that welcome mat as we never know when someone special can walk into our life and appreciate us for our originality.

With the Moon's square to Mars and quincunx to Jupiter Rx, think about what we need to let go on our way forward that has been pulling us down. Identify anything that is an unhealthy distraction from our priorities. Be very honest with ourself, as this is our inner truth. Perhaps we need to get quiet in our mind and body so that we can listen more closely to what our soul is trying to say. Or perhaps we are feeling tired because we have been spreading ourself too thin. This needs to change now so that our energy and vitality can recharge.

The Moon encourages us to enjoy the joy of sharing the very simple things in life. To release that tight grip we have on life and enjoy some fresh air. To feel the wind on our face and in our hair. Our ingenuity and positive attitude will bring us closer to what we seek. Playfulness, good humour and laughter can also lift our spirit so that we can return to work with renewed perspective and energy. 

The New Moon in Aquarius brings to us a reminder that our power comes from staying centered in a feeling of joy. The feeling of being at one with our soul and our essence. Do not hesitate. Now is the time to accept and embrace our own unique path.

Yaviz Basalamah

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