New Moon in Aries | Transforming Power

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‪ April 7th, 2016‬ 

New Moon in Aries: Be your own superhero
by connecting with your soul-power.

How can we save ourselves from ourselves? 

How can we stop ourselves from being a prisoner of our own mind? 

Can we rescue ourselves from the dangerous power of our negative thinking? 

The benefits of positive thinking have been the subject of countless books, articles and seminars. Most of us know by now how positive thinking can have a positive impact on our mental and emotional well-being, as well as our relationships and life in general. But what does it really mean to think positively? Is it about having the ability to focus on the bright side of life? Is it about expecting positive results in every situation we encounter? 

Well, yes, it can be about all those things. But thinking positively can also be about becoming aware of the things that can go wrong so that we can have a strategy to deal with them and push forward. Positive thinking is ultimately the art of not letting fear and negativity stop us or derail us from our tracks. 

Can we shift our focus of attention from what didn't work out in the past to what can work out in the present? From who we were yesterday to who we are today? From what was to what is? We acted the way we did because of the knowledge and awareness that we had at the time. We thought and felt the way we did because of the understanding and the standards that we set for ourselves at the time. 

Instead of becoming our own worst enemy by indulging in negative thinking, we can become our own superhero by not giving those negative thoughts any power. By becoming more vigilant over our thoughts and guarding our mind against disempowering thoughts. By rising from the ashes of past failures and continuing on our path because that is the only way we will get to where we want to go. We have it within us the capacity to become our own superhero by owning our personal power and moving forward, one positively empowering thought at a time.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining Venus, the Sun and Uranus in Aries, marking an extra passionate and vibrant New Moon in the sign of the Ram. As we plant new seeds of hopes and dreams, we can recapture our drive and enthusiasm to bring them to fruition. 

What do we wish to accomplish in the next two weeks? How can we expand our mind more to see beyond outdated beliefs we have about our life? 

Sometimes, all it takes is for us to replace self-limiting thoughts with self-expanding ones to go to that next level. Sometimes, a little trust and faith is all it takes for us to make that giant leap forward. Because what the mind can conceive, can be transformed into action with some strategic imagination and planning. 

With Uranian energy in the mix at the time of the New Moon, we are asked to get in touch with our personal sense of independence. We need not wait for another's permission to take charge of our destiny. We need not wait until we have all the right tools to begin that soulful journey because we can start by following our inner guidance. 

Which path do we think will lead us to greater personal expansion? Even if we're unsure whether we are taking the right steps, making the decision to start will ultimately be more constructive than procrastinating. 

The Moon is forming a trine to Mars and Saturn Rx, and we see that when there's a will, there's indeed a way. How willing are we to open our arms to success, as well as to expect and accept success? This aspect brings the realization to increase our standards, and to expect more for ourselves. 

We don't need to settle to find happiness. We do need to believe in ourselves so that we can confidently move forward. To understand that in essence, we are powerful and nothing is holding our power back. 

Even in the face of apparent struggles, we are making progress and gaining momentum. We have learnt a lot along our path and now our wisdom can help us make any necessary changes. 

With the Moon's square to Pluto, we are guided to have more trust as we continue our metamorphosis. It is safe to admit the truth to ourselves, because by being honest with ourselves, we can move beyond the chains of mental illusions. 

Pluto represents the naked truth. The truth that can transform us. The truth that can break us apart so that we can rebuild from the ground up, more solid and more evolved. The truth that brings us into alignment with our true, authentic self. Our core. Our soul. 

Power of the spirit and fears of the ego are also Plutonian themes. Instead of trying to control or overpower others, understand that we cannot force others to see that what we feel is real. Instead of hiding from our true feelings, embrace them as our gateway toward emotional enlightenment. 

The Aries New Moon brings to us a reminder that our feelings are trustworthy guides as we aspire to make life changes. Our soul-power arises from acknowledging our story — our triumphs and failures, our joys and sorrows, our light and darkness. They are part of what challenges us to stand in our power and to affirm that we are not our victim stories, we are our superhero stories.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Aries: Conjunct Venus, the Sun and Uranus ● Trine Mars
and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Square Pluto in Capricorn



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