Full Moon in Scorpio | Seeing Your Imperfect Truths

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 April 22nd, 2016‬ 

Full Moon in Scorpio: You have within you enough love to supply you
with a lifetime of mental, emotional and spiritual security.

How can we make peace with our brokenness?

How can we accept our pains and sorrows?

Can we really see the wisdom in our disappointments?

Accepting our brokenness is not about giving up our wholeness. Making peace with our brokenness is about seeing our flaws, pains and disappointments as lessons that we are trying to master in this life. So rather than feeling overwhelmed by things that seem to be beyond our control, we can ask ourselves some life questions.

What is he or she trying to teach me about who I really am? What am I supposed to learn from that awful experience? How can I come out of this negative situation stronger, wiser and more aware than I've ever been before? 

Questions that are asking us to evolve beyond our old selves is what growing is all about. They are not about distracting ourselves from the so-called real issues. They are about seeing those issues for what they truly are. And from there, finding a way to heal ourselves piece by piece, step by step, day by day. 

The same goes with accepting our imperfect truths. Often, in our quest to find perfection, we miss the wisdom in the imperfection. We feel that if only our parents, siblings, friends or lovers could be perfect, then our life will be happier. Many of us believe that if we were just surrounded by enough perfection, then our lives will be easier. Well, although that may seem like a great life in theory, true growth cannot be found when life is easy all the time. 

Pain can be healing when we are no longer afraid of it. It is essentially about letting go of outdated, counter-productive beliefs we have about pain and seeing imperfections as part of our sacred lessons. Like a butterfly breaking from its cocoon, and a phoenix rising from the ashes, we can break free from the shell of our old selves by recognizing the wisdom in our painful experiences. True healing comes from transforming those imperfect experiences into opportunities for growth, expansion and self-evolution.

Happy Full Moon! The Moon is in Scorpio opposite the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, marking a deeply intellectual and enlightening Full Moon in the sign of the Scorpion. The Eagle and the Phoenix also represent this sign because the Scorpio energy is all about determination and transformation. 

With Scorpio's ancient and modern ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, currently in their retrograde phase, their usually outward energies go inward. What we couldn't understand before, can be understood more deeply now with deeper mental exploration. Understanding, not through assumptions, but through real experiences and manifestations can be possible at this time. Who we were is now transformed and we evolve as we accept ourselves with more love and compassion.

After all that we've been through, we can see more clearly who we are and who we are clearly not. What we are willing to work toward, and what no longer feels enriching to our life and well-being. This is no longer about how hard we work, but how smart we work. The Scorpio Full Moon shines a light into our world to bring about light into our awareness, illuminating us from the inside out. What do we need to release in order for us to see beyond life's imperfections? What do we need to embrace in order for us to truly own our personal power and fly higher? 

The Moon is forming a trine to Neptune and Chiron, and healing comes from allowing fear to just be what it is. To not push fear away so that we can catch its wisdom and discover something new about ourselves. To know that to live life positively is to not see negativity as an enemy, but as our doorway toward personal growth where we can learn something new each day. It is our brokenness that can let the light in and it is through accepting those imperfect truths can we unlock the key to our heart's evolving wisdom.

With the Moon's sextile to Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx, what we are seeking is seeking us. There is no need to struggle when a little extra focus is all it takes for us to reach a goal. Have we listened to the calling of our soul lately? Can we see what we need to let go within ourselves so that we can take our power back? 

Perhaps we have given our power away to people whom we believe can make us happy, or whom we believe we need to keep happy. Or perhaps we have been afraid to be ourselves around a higher-up, a partner or a family member. Understand that being true to ourselves is not always about being over-the-top or different. It is more about being honest with ourselves without worrying that people will judge or leave us if we are authentic. 

The Moon is also forming a quincunx to Uranus and Venus, and the way to self-love is through forgiveness. Forgiving our mind. Forgiving our heart. Forgiving our choices. Forgiveness in the end is about giving ourselves the permission to learn from our own mistakes, as well as to clear ourselves out from anything that's blocking us. 

Instead of closing ourselves off from love out of fear of further pain, open our heart more to love out of our willingness to expand and grow. Instead of avoiding the depths of our personal darkness, become fascinated by the dark recesses of the human soul. Because only through darkness can we understand the meaning of light. And only through accepting our brokenness can we break the bondage of old patterns.

Embrace our imperfect truths, not to remind ourselves of life's imperfections, but to remind ourselves of our heart's capacity to transform our broken parts into nuggets of wisdom.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Scorpio: Oppose the Sun and Mercury in Taurus ● Trine Neptune
and Chiron in Pisces ● Sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn and Jupiter Rx
in Virgo ● Quincunx Uranus and Venus in Aries



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