New Moon in Taurus | Brand New Confidence and Self-Acceptance

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 May 6th, 2016‬ 

New Moon in Taurus: Everything begins within. Begin with self-acceptance.

Can we truly accept ourselves?

Can we accept not just our flaws, but also our strengths?

It may be easy to spot our flaws or what we deem to be internal or external imperfections. But it is not always so easy to spot our strengths. This is not about what we are good at or what we inherited from our parents, but more about something that goes beyond the surface. Something untouchable. Something invisible. Some call it inner flame. Some call it soul power. Although essentially they are all about one thing, self-acceptance.

So what is self-acceptance? We know it's about accepting ourselves, flaws and all. We know it's about feeling more compassion and love towards ourselves. Some of us know that in order for true self-acceptance to occur, self-forgiveness is that first important step we need to take. But the part that many tend to forget is the true importance of detaching ourselves from our negative self-judgments.

No matter how accomplished we are, or how happy we may seem, we all have our own positive and negative self-judgments. The key is to find a way to detach ourselves from that negative inner critic. One that prevents us from discovering our personal power and changing our lives for the better.

One way to stop negative self-judgments is to switch our minds to more positive thought patterns. Positive thinking can be powerful when we don't hold ourselves to unrealistic standards. It is ultimately about releasing our need to assign meaning to those negative self-judgments so that they won't weigh us down. By practicing mindfulness, we can become more aware and learn to notice when we are tearing ourselves down. From there, we can begin to transform our self-criticism to self-acceptance as we reframe our negative self-judgments to a sense of openness to growth and new possibilities.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining Venus, the Sun and Mercury Rx in Taurus, marking an extra intimate and growth-inducing New Moon in the sign of the Bull. What lies deep within us rises to the surface to bring us new awareness. Aspects within ourselves that used to hold us back, no longer hold power over us. Because we realize that they were there to remind us of who we can no longer be, and who we can be from this point forward.

Venus has been moving through Taurus and it's all about the beauty that we can see in the present moment - whether in the physical or the material. To find harmony within ourselves and not look to the outer world to provide certainty. To recognize that the way to peace is through radical acceptance. Everything in our world is as it should be, in spite of temporary conditions. This is one of those times when we can finally see that to be who we need to be, we can no longer do what we did.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is about restrategizing and retracing our steps. Be willing to learn new things, speak in a new way and stay flexible without compromising what's most important. Because when we become too rigid, we lose our way toward personal evolution and untapped potentials.

The New Moon in Taurus is asking us who do we want to be? What do we need to believe so that we can turn our imagination into manifestation? Spend time daydreaming, or meditating on how we can create more prosperity and what it means to be prosperous. Can we imagine the kind of life we desire? To really imagine it without holding back the power of our imagination and creativity?

With the Moon's sextile to Neptune and Chiron, we are guided to release any fear we have about the reality of manifestation. Instead of using our imagination to anticipate something negative, clear the inner slate and stay grounded in our power. The power to visualize positive possibilities. The power to sweep away what's no longer needed. The power to forgive ourselves for making the choices that we made.

Perhaps we need to declutter our home to let go of unresolved resentments. Notice the hidden symbolism in our surroundings and see where we can make room for new energy. Simple things like opening our windows, cleaning up our email inbox, or sorting out our timetable can help free ourselves from feelings of being overwhelmed and overburdened.

The Moon is also forming a trine to Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx, and whatever opportunities we thought were dead can now be revived in a more authentic and stronger form. Whatever we may have perceived as a failure or loss can now be replaced by something more powerful growing in its place. Some kind of rebirth is assured when we are ready to step into our new self.

The Taurus New Moon is here to remind us to focus our power on developing a healthy sense of self-esteem, as well as on thinking and speaking manifestations into existence. This is not the time to feel discouraged. Instead, use our discernment to only think and speak about that which is encouraging. This is also not the time to complain, because we don't want to manifest more of that we complain about. It's time we took our power back and affirm: I accept myself for who I am without judgment or criticism.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Taurus: Conjunct Venus, the Sun and Mercury Rx ● Sextile Neptune
and Chiron in Pisces ● Trine Jupiter Rx in Virgo and Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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