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14 May 2014

A vision of a desired future allows you to engage and identify immediately in your focus with an improved condition.
It changes what you perceive and how you perform - NOW. It's not about achieving something in time. It's rather
about the quality of choices you are making in this moment – what you choose to perceive, feel, and do.
It's about getting the most out of your experience.
David Allen

The difference between optimism and pessimism resides in memory. The pessimist aptly recalls the hurts
and failures of yesterday, but cannot remember the plentiful possibilities of a new tomorrow.
The optimist has a hopeful future already memorized.
Charles E. Jinks

It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.
Lucille Ball

 So, what makes YOU happy? ≥Ö‿Ö≤ 

 Let's talk about the concept of taking responsibility for our own happiness. What does that mean? Why do we have to 
 take responsibility for our own happiness? Isn't happiness supposed to come to us, naturally? From outside of us? 
 Yes. That's true. Happiness can come to us naturally from outside of us. But we are living in a world filled 
 with different energies + vibrations + emotions + feelings + perspectives + belief systems, and many 
 times, they can be quite different to ours. So if we always wait for forces outside
of us to make us happy, then we won't be too happy most of the time. 

 The potential for true happiness is always inside of us, if we're willing to look deeper into what can make us happy - 
 and it doesn't even have to start from the big things. In today's world, people often forget how to enjoy the 
 simpler things in life. These simple examples can hopefully show a few good ways you can jump start 
 your happiness; If the show you are watching on TV makes you feel unhappy, simply change the 
 channel. If you don't like a song currently playing on the radio, change the station. If you don't 
 feel comfortable around someone, move a few feet away from them (or more hehe). If 
 you feel bored, go someplace that can make you feel more alive (the beach, the 
 park, the mall, the local cafe? etc). If a place is too noisy, go someplace 
 more quiet. If you feel angry, check to see if you are maybe hungry, 
 or sleepy, or... You get the idea. 

 This is not about avoiding problems, this is about putting our self in a more comfortable state of mind so that we are 
 able to think more effectively. We can sometimes get so engulfed in our own negative thoughts and emotions that 
 we forget the simpler ways in which we can make make our self feel better. So in this Scorpio Full Moon - 
 which is quite close to the planet Saturn (aka planet of Restrictions + Responsibility) and is making a 
 positive aspect to the planet Jupiter (planet of Optimism + Aspirations), Scorpio which is a sign 
 that's all to do with deep truths and emotional intensity - look for new ways in which you 
 can enjoy the simpler things in life again, and the simpler ways you can make 
 yourself feel better. Look around, they may be closer than you think! 
 Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! ᕕ(◕‿↼)ᕗ 

Yaviz Basalamah

 I drew a special card from the Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards for whoever is reading this blog post, and the 
 card I picked was AwakenYou are awake. You know who you are, what you want, what is most important to 
 you, and how to achieve it. You know who you truly are on a soul level, and you are no longer letting 
 people dictate your life and run it for you. What was previously hidden is now out in the open 
 for you to see. You are no longer seeing the world through the same eyes. You are seeing 
 the world in a new way: through your soul's eyes. This awakening is truly inspirational 
 for all those around you. You are inspiring others and leading the way for others 
 to awaken to their true selves. The veil has been lifted and you are 
 one of the awakened souls that are leading the way 
 for others to awaken to their truth. 

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