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12 April 2014

Not too long ago, I mentioned in a blog post about how it is not always my first reaction to state positive affirmations to myself when I'm not feeling good. Turned out, it's my favourite thing to do this month! Now I know that no matter what's going on around me, affirmations can always make me feel better – or at the very least, a little better. I think the reason why many people don't really get the concept of affirmations is because they haven't spent enough time figuring out how it can actually work for them. I myself have known about the works of author Louise Hay for quite some time. I've read a lot of her affirmations and have listened to a few of her audio works, but only very recently got a better grasp of how affirmations can actually work for me. I'm well aware that I don't get magical results right after stating the positive affirmations, but that's not the whole point anyway. The point really, is to 'permeate' our consciousness with better-feeling words. I now understand how affirmations can make me feel better + calmer, and how they can have quite an impact on my relationships too. Because everyone and everything around me seems to become more peaceful and harmonious when I'm in a more positive state of consciousness. Affirmations can also bring us back to the present moment. You know, instead of going around in our sometimes dramatic + sometimes strange future life scenarios in our head ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ So now, how do I DO affirmations? Well firstly, I don't say them out loud. I say them rather quietly, or in my heart. And each time, I say them many times. Secondly, I say them whenever and wherever I feel like it. For example; when I'm in a car, when I'm walking down the street, when I'm shampooing my hair, when I'm sipping down my favourite tea at home, or most importantly, when I feel there's a lot of fear-based energies around me. /// It is also best to affirm things that are most believable to our self. Affirmations like; I'm king of the world! or I'm the sexiest girl on the planet! can seem quite impersonal in the long run. Although, if they can work for you, then go for it! (/◔ ◡ ◔)/ I currently prefer to affirm things that are most believable and comforting to me. My favourite affirmations of the moment are by Louise Hay, and they go; All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe. ☺ These particular affirmations do make me feel quite comfortable, because they remind me not to worry about what's going to happen next in my life - and instead just focus on what I can actually do in the present moment, and that I'm safe. /// Speaking of Astrology, Libra's ruling planet Venus is currently moving through the constellation of imaginative and sensitive (water sign) Pisces. So we may have been feeling a little more sympathetic and open-minded when it comes to our own emotions. We may also start to feel a little more romantic and creative about our future goals, dreams and aspirations. And what's more, we can become more in tune with music we like to listen to, movies or shows we like to watch, as well as significant relationships we have in our life. Pisces' co-ruling planet Jupiter is still in a fellow water sign of Cancer, and is currently making a harmonious aspect to Venus - which can emphasize all these wonderful and sacred energies in the air. /// Along with energies coming from the water signs, we will get a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening in the air sign of Libra (15\4\2014). I say powerful because the Moon will be quite close to the planet Mars – which has been playing an important part in this month's Grand Cardinal Cross formation in the sky (along with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer). So we can expect to understand better all that we've learnt since the Aries New Moon back in late March. What new things have we discovered so far about our family and loved ones? Our old and new friends? Our values and belief systems? Our hobbies + working life? The main focus may be different to each and every one of us, but we can look forward to reaching a new level of compassion when it comes to these important heart matters. Libra is also a sign that's all about love and justice. So with a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) happening in the sign of balance, we can finally get a better sense of what it really means to work together in harmony. What is fair and what is not? As writer Vera Nazarian once said; You cannot be fair to others without first being fair to yourself. Know that a well-honed sense of justice is a measure of personal experience, and all experience is a measure of self. Know that the highest expression of justice is mercy. Thus, as the supreme judge in your own court, you must have compassion for yourself. Otherwise, cede your gavel. It is time to be brave and to be bold in our quest for justice. Embody love, and trust that everything is happening at the right time and for the best reasons. We may never completely understand everything in one lifetime, but know deep down that today we are stronger than we have ever been before.

Yaviz Basalamah

 I drew a special card from the Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards for whoever is reading this blog post, and the card 
 I picked was Cellular Collapse; You have been at war with your body for too long. The hostility has been too 
 much. Now is the time for every cell to heal and be well again – on all levels. Accept the changes in 
 your vibration and let go of what is making you sick in your life. You are worthy and 
 wanting this transformation to happen, so accept it and invite it in, NOW! 

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