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30 March 2014

 Archangel Michael ➳ Change is the only permanent thing in life. Ask yourself: Do I want change? In which area of 
 life do I want changes? Even if you are successful and have achieved a great deal, there are still unending 
 possibilities to be explored. Let yourself accept even more from the infinite field of energy than 
 you can even imagine at this moment. Affirmation; What can I change today to make my 
 life even more wonderful? How can I make things better? #TarotAngelCards 

 We're ready to go! Regardless of the strong feelings and raw emotions that may have come up in the past couple 
 of weeks, we truly have gained even more insights into our heart questions, and we're ready for a brand 
 new beginning! With the Sun, the Moon and Uranus together in the constellation of pioneering 
 and adventurous Aries, we are definitely ready to embrace another new start in our life. 
 Whether that means employing new methods at work, starting a new relationship, 
 communicating in a new way, changing our look, or simply seeing an old 
 situation from a brand new perspective, we have the real passion 
 + drive and the will to start anew at this time. 

 Aries' ruling planet Mars is still going backwards in the sign of Libra, and is asking us to keep on reviewing what makes 
 us tick when it comes to our relationships. Why do we feel so much anger towards someone? Or why do we feel so 
 much passion? What's the true story behind it all? These are the key questions that may still come up at this 
 time - guiding us to the next level of our emotional evolution. And with Mercury + Chiron gliding together 
 closely through Pisces, we can find a way to soothe some of those intense feelings. We can find a 
 way to forgive, if we feel there is someone that we still need to forgive. By forgiving the other 
 person, as well as forgiving our self for having the feelings, we can clear the path for 
 the brand new future we are heading towards each day. Keywords; discovery, 
 transformation, expansion, openness, forgiveness, love, 
 courage and freedom. Happy New Moon in Aries! 

Yaviz Basalamah

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