New Moon in Gemini | Understanding Misunderstandings and Misconceptions

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 June 5th, 2016 

New Moon in Gemini: The shortest distance between two people is understanding.

Sometimes it's easier to misunderstand, than it is to understand. Sometimes it's easier to blame another person, than it is to blame our own perception. Sometimes it's easier to believe a lie, because we are afraid of the truth. Understanding misunderstandings and misconceptions can be especially challenging if we are not open to new ideas and possibilities. 

Our ability to see from multiple perspectives is that first important quality we need to cultivate to begin our journey to understanding. Because rigidity in thinking breeds rigid behaviour. And rigid behaviour is the common cause of our inability to evolve. Mental flexibility is our brain's ability to transition from thinking about one concept to another. The quicker we are able to shift our thinking from one perspective to another, the greater our mental flexibility. And the greater our mental flexibility, the easier it will be for us to face unexpected situations. 

Even if two people are able to shift their thinking to adapt to new changes, one may be able to accomplish this at a faster rate. This is due to the differences in their upbringing, cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as life experiences.

At the end of the day, understanding another person is not always about changing our beliefs and values. Understanding another person is about listening to the perspective of another - not from a place of judgment, but a place of openness. Openness to peace. Openness to love. Openness to progress. 

Opening our mind to new ideas, concepts and possibilities is the way to an expanded awareness. Opening our mind to learning and updating old beliefs we have is the path to growth, evolution and better understanding.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is conjoining Venus and the Sun in Gemini marking an expressive and imaginative New Moon in the sign of the Twins. No matter how hard it can be sometimes to communicate our mind, know that the best way to go now is to be honest with ourselves.

Some of us are afraid of saying the wrong things, while others have no problem saying whatever is on their mind. The truth is, this is not a competition of who's the most talkative in the room. This is about finding a way to say what we mean and mean what we say. This is also not about saying things for the sake of speaking, but about speaking our mind without forgetting to listen to our heart.

With Venusian energy in the mix, we can find ways to improve our conversation skills. Understand that one of the best ways to connect with people and build authentic relationships is through making conversation. Talking a little more slowly or holding more eye contact is one of the first steps we can take to become more aware of what we are communicating. Expressing our emotions more openly and offering new insights are also important things to consider to help convey our feelings and express ourselves more clearly.

Aside from planting new seeds, New Moons can also be a great time to start a new routine. What can we do differently so that we can maintain better communication with others? How can we speak more openly without feeling like we are in some kind of communication battle with another? Perhaps we need to notice more where our words are coming from. See what impact will they have on other people once we decide to communicate our mind. This is not to censor our words, but to find a way to communicate more effectively and achieve our desired goals.

With the Moon's square to Neptune and Jupiter, we are going through a big learning period and insights can come from different sources. Do not worry if these new lessons seem confusing. They do not need to make sense right now as everything will be clear with each step that we take. We are guided to notice the effects of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. 

Is someone trying to influence our decisions? Are we reluctant to follow our heart? Express our freedom and personal power, and show that nothing and no one is holding us back. We can soar to great heights, as long as we keep our sight upon our personal path. 

The Moon is also forming an opposition to Saturn, and we may be feeling both tired and wired, with our mind anxiously sorting through ideas, plans and to-do lists. Taking action helps us to express and release any pent-up anxieties, and puts us in the direction of feeling more grounded, focused and aware. There may also be power struggles within ourselves, where we are trying to make a decision, and going back-and-forth between our heart and our mind. Listen to and trust the optimistic voice of our heart, rather than the negative chatter of the ego. This is our light to follow. 

With the Moon's sextile to Uranus, we are ready to face the unknown to find progress. True inspiration will flow through us as soon as we get out of our own way. We are called to express our true self, and discover that we can fly. We must step into the unfamiliar so that we can find our new path. Most of what we fear at the moment is an illusion stemming from an old belief that isn't even true. The Gemini New Moon brings to us a reminder to become a more conscious co-creator of our life and to stand in our courage. Our courage to take a leap of faith. Our courage to overcome fears. Our courage to welcome change and embrace the new with an open heart.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Gemini: Conjunct Venus and the Sun ● Square Neptune in Pisces and
Jupiter in Virgo ● Oppose Saturn Rx in Sagittarius ● Sextile Uranus in Aries



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